America's Increasingly Worthless Medal of Freedom

President Obama recently awarded 16 Americans the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The award was created by President Kennedy to recognize those individuals who have made an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors. Many of the recipients were questionable.

For example, the President awarded one medal to political ally & crony Bill Clinton. Is every president now going to award a Freedom Medal to cronies from their own Party? This is what 3rd world countries do. Another recipient was Oprah Winfrey. She donated thousands of dollars to Obama's re-election campaign and helped him raise millions thru private fundraisers.

An even more questionable recipient is former astronaut Sally Ride. The Obama Administration claims she advocated for science education and also gender equality in the classroom. This is false. Ms. Ride did little for boys education.  In an era where boys face discrimination from America's female chauvinist school system and are struggling academically compared with girls, Ms Ride created education programs oriented primarily or entirely toward girls.

For example, her Science Camps encouraged girls, but not boys, interests in science. According to Education Unlimited, the camps provide "girls {NOT BOYS] an opportunity to explore science, technology, and engineering through experiments and observations while staying on a university campus". Also, Sally Ride's Science festivals are aimed toward girls.  These Festivals are designed to create interest in pursuing careers in science & engineering. According to the Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center, the Festivals are "events for 5th-8th grade girls, held on college campuses across the country." The festivals feature science games, experiments and workshops as well as guest speakers, food and music. The USAToday states the "Science festivals alone have reached more than 52,000 girls."   This certainly is NOT educational equality.

Perhaps the most appalling recipient was notorious feminist Gloria Steinem. This is a woman famous for advocating 'A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle'. She claims men need women but the reverse is NOT true. She also claims rape and violence are a result of the 'cult of masculinity'. Lastly,  in the 2008 Democratic Party primary, Steinem demanded voters select Hillary Clinton rather than Barack Obama as the Party's presidential candidate. She believed Hillary's redeeming qualification for office was that she was a woman (indeed a white woman just like herself). This is in fact the essence of Steinem. Her philosophy is that an individual's qualifications and characteristics are to be judged on the basis of their gender not their actions. To Steinem, gender is of paramount importance. Gloria Steinem is a narrow minded female chauvinist jackass - in otherwords she is a true feminist.

Another recipient was Daniel Inouye. He fought in World War II with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, survived the war and was later elected to the Hawaii Territorial House of Representatives, the United States House of Representatives, and ultimately the United States Senate.  This is the type of person in which the Medal of Freedom was intended - not a political crony, not a financial backer and certainly not a female chauvinist halfwit.

Awarding questionable individuals the Freedom Medal degrades the value of the honor thereby making the medallion increasingly worthless.

November 26, 2013

False Rape at Ohio State University

A drunk couple, both 20-year-old students from Ohio State University, were videoed by onlookers in a sex act against the window of a bank on the morning of Oct. 12. The couple were not aware they were being recorded. The explicit video was then circulated via social media by the onlookers. Thereafter, the woman told police she was a victim of a sexual assault. 

Local prosecutor Keller Blackburn said the video showed the woman smiling during the incident. It also showed the man asking if he should stop and the woman telling him to continue. Afterwords, the students went to the man’s apartment. They stayed there for three hours before he walked her home. Blackburn said testing showed no sign of any “date rape drug,”.

The female student obviously committed rape fraud. She wanted to be the best party head she could be without having any responsibility for her actions. However, once the embarrassing incident became public, she falsely accused her partner of rape.

This type of mentality is all too common in America's growing false rape culture. It is a culture created by feminist organizations such as the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and supported by the US Department of Education.  Many of the Department's student behavior guidelines are based entirely on sexual harassment definitions and behavior codes issued by the AAUW. Any learning institution not following these guidelines is sued by the National Women's Law Center.  The guidelines are often founded in female chauvinism (ie feminism). For example, as discussed in 2011, under the “preponderance of the evidence" guideline, if 2 drunk students have sex and the female latter regrets it, the incident is classified as sexual assault. The male student can be kicked out of college. This means the drunk male student is responsible for both his and the female student's behavior. Furthermore, if its the male student who latter regrets having sex (for example with an ugly girl) it is classified as nothing. No actions can be taken against the female student.  Lastly, the “preponderance of the evidence" guideline does NOT apply to false rape. 

Feminist, however, had underestimated the level of male anger at their legalized sexism. They thought the new generation of men would be as docile and obedient as the previous generation of men.

After viewing the Ohio video, many male students were angered that the women falsely accused her partner of rape. Their anger only intensified when larger websites such as Thinkprogress.org, Buzzfeed.com and the always female chauvinist Cafemom.com posted articles supporting the idea the incident was a case of sexual assault. Several Men's Rights Activists (MRAs) subsequently posted the name of the woman they thought committed the rape fraud. Men began focusing their rage upon this student.  The female student then deactivated all of her social media accounts, didn't leave her sorority house for days, and asked the University to excuse her from classes. Most commenters appear 90% certain the female student committing false rape was correctly identified. However 90% is not 100%. Even the MRA's who originally identified her are not 100% certain they are correct. Additionally, the women claims she was not involved in the incident. 

Her name should not have been released.

Suppose she is innocent. Why should an innocent women pay for the crimes of a different woman? These MRA's, though well intentioned, reacted emotionally and let their anger get the best of them. The correct strategy in all potential false rape cases is to wait and see what happens. Observe how the man is being treated by the police, the judicial system, the University and finally the media. If he receives abuse and discrimination from these entities and is wrongly convicted or expelled thats when MRA's /Anti feminists should move into the offensive. Under these circumstances, the women making the false accusation should be identified. If this cannot be done with 100% certainty, then MRA"s/AF's should hit back at the organizations shielding the criminal or promoting rape fraud. This would include people such as the local police, chief, local prosecutor, dean of students or university president, journalists and prominent websites. Point out their sexism and hypocrisy. When enough people are educated about the sexist nature of these entities then the real revolution to overthrow the ruling feminist yoke can begin.

The Ohio State University incident demonstrates there is a growing rape fraud culture on American campuses. It is a culture fostered by the AAUW and the "Preponderance of the evidence" guideline. Many women believe they can party away without being responsible for their actions. If they do something regrettable they can blame a man. The feminist guideline that drunk men are responsible for drunk women's behavior needs to be overthrown. Any University practicing this principle should be sued on grounds of sex discrimination.

The Ohio student who made the false rape accusation should be kicked out of school.

November 5, 2013

Feminist Propaganda Promoted Within the Seducation Community

The Seduction Community sees itself as teaching men how to interact with and attract women. However, some Pick Up Artists (PUAs) within the community have casually promoted feminist propaganda. One such PUA is Vin DiCarlo.

DiCarlo says he can coach men how to pick up somebody's wife or steady girlfriend. He  explains "the rules you must follow to keep it as neat and tidy as possible". He claims its easy to hook up with a married women who has been with her husband over 2 years because  "different components of {her} marriage begin to bore her. She then becomes open to the possibility of looking to fulfill whatever’s missing in her life by meeting a guy; whether it is excitement, attention, or her sexual desires going unfulfilled." He said  "If she’s looking for men outside of her marriage, then her marriage is probably not fulfilling her very much". She is unappreciated.

The propaganda that its a husband's fault when his wife cheats is directly from feminist ideology.

DiCarlo also teaches how to text somebody's wife or steady girlfriend so that you don’t "alert any suspicions" of her significant other. This allows her to more easily cheat on him.

DiCarlo is tutoring men how to act like sleazeballs. He is teaching men how to stab each other in the back. Feminists could not be more pleased.

Promoting additional feminist propaganda he writes that females are  "almost like mirrors insofar as they reflect our own personal state. So if you’re in a relationship with a girl who’s high maintenance, or you’re in a relationship with a girl who gets stressed over the littlest things, or you’re in a relationship with a girl who’s jealous; you will discover that what that usually is, is more of a reflection of where your own mindset is at, rather than hers." He said "Take care of your own personal issues", "Change yourself first" then she will change. In otherwords, a grown adult women is not responsible for her behavior. If she does anything wrong, its a man's fault. Classic feminism.

Why should men get married if PUAs like DiCarlo are helping your wife stab you in the back & then blaming you for anything SHE does wrong.

In addition to PUAs promoting feminist propaganda, there are female authors such as Liza Mundy &  Iris Krasnow writing books claiming future marriages will be wife centric and that these wives should have boyfriends with boundaries. Their books have been promoted by NBCNews, CNN, FoxNews, CBSNews, TIME Magazine & other media outlets. Becoming a husband is not worth it. It is a fools game. The better solution is to reman single and have a series of relationships with different women. Additionally if a man gets a college education or a degree from a good trade school he could have a sireen life.

Perhaps DiCarlo's most glaring statement about picking up someone's wife is this: "You see, married women often come with a lot of baggage and it’s often not worth the trouble in doing it."

Since this PUA knows cheating wives are self centered women who aren't worth the trouble, why does he teach men how to pick them up? Why teach men to pick up women with "a lot of baggage"?? How is this helping guys??? Is he being paid by feminists?

Contrast  DiCarlo's statements with statements made by a different PUA calling himself DeAngelo. This seduction artist said  "Don't let women use their looks or sexual power to take advantage. I give them no special privileges. I don't tolerate disrespect of myself, my time, or my property". He also said, "In modern times, men carry around a view that is hauntingly similar to [the Earth is] the Center Of The Universe Misconception"."Men are often expected to approach women, pursue women, compliment them, buy them gifts and food, be "nice" and respectful, and even get down on one knee and offer a diamond worth several months of hard work when requesting a woman's hand in marriage. In fact, many of us have been raised by our mothers and programmed with these ideas ALL OUR LIVES. Here are a few of the other beliefs and behaviors that flow from this key fallacy:
   • I need to approach and pursue women.
   • I need to convince women that I'm worthy of their approval.
   • I shouldn't upset a woman
   • I'd better not mess this up, because I have a lot to lose.
   • If she rejects me, it will be an important event and carry a lot of meaning."
"Women Aren't The Center Of The Universe"

PUA's within the seduction community can offer valid advise to men living in a feminist controlled society. Seduction artist Vin DiCarlo could have added sensible knowledge to this community. Instead, some of his messages are based on sexist feminist ideas. Blaming a man for a woman's cheating or obnoxious behavior is complete feminist garbage. DiCarlo choose to promote feminist propaganda.

September 30, 2013

Discrimination Against Men in New York City's Criminal Sentencing Program

New York City is starting a new criminal sentencing arrangement called JusticeHome. The program requires leniency for female felons thus initiating more discrimination against men within the judicial system.  Created  by the Women’s Prison Association, the program allows some female criminals who plead guilty avoid prison sentences. Instead, these women will remain in their homes with their children. They will periodically report to court and will also be visited several times weekly by case managers so they can receive supervision and guidance about jobs, education, their homes and children. Men who commit the same crime, however, will NOT receive the convenience of house arrest. They will be required to serve their sentence behind bars.

This gender biased sentencing is based on the traditional feminist idea that women can do no evil therefore any negative actions they commit are not their fault. Many female chauvinists (more commonly called feminists) have become alarmed at the rising numbers of female criminals behind bars. It threatens their propaganda that women are the "fair sex" and  crime is a male activity.

However, crime statistics are now beginning to show that women are not the benevolent gods feminist make them out to be. From 2004 to 2008 arrests for females increased 5.1 percent whereas arrest for males increased only 0.6 percent. Data from the period of 1995 thru  2005 shows female crimes expanded at an annual rate of 4.6%.  And more ominously, according to "TheFutureofChildren.org", girls are committing more crimes than ever before. Between 1985 and 2002, the overall number of delinquency cases for girls increased 92 percent—as opposed to a 29 percent increase for boys. They also stated "over the past several decades the share of arrests for aggravated assault by girls increased from 15 percent to 24 percent of total arrests". The sharp rise in female crime is occurring during an era where women have significantly more economic / political opportunity than than in the past. If, as feminist claim, women are the "fair sex" then more opportunities should have led to less crime.

The notion that all females are good and honest is obsolete. The idea that there is a "fair sex" is ridiculous.  PEOPLE SHOULD BE JUDGED ON THE BASIS OF THEIR ACTIONS NOT THEIR GENDER.

Unfortunately, feminist continuously advocate for a two tiered judicial system - one for men and a separate one for women. A feminist group named "The National Association of Women Judges" wrote a document titled "Sentencing Women Offenders: A Training Curriculum for Judges". The document claims that "levying the same sentence on a female offender as on a male offender does not in reality impose far greater deprivations on the woman because of her gender." The paper's conclusion is that female felons should be handled differently than male felons. They should be given more leniency.

The whole idea of sentencing being based on gender is narrowminded and feminist. New York City's JusticeHome program is founded in feminism and is more discrimination against men.

September 1, 2013

American Medical Care is Pathetic

America's medical system is a joke. Procrastination, delay and billing are its guiding principles. Most doctors could care less about a patients well being. If treatment is simple, they will often try to stretch it out over several appointments (which may extend over a month or more) so that billing can be increased. However, if the patient has more complex issues in which the doctor has to think for a few minutes, then this patient is most likely going to receive poor medical care. Most doctors do not like to think. They like text book cases.

Getting appointments to see specialists takes weeks or even months. Testing takes additional weeks. Sometimes testing is not even ordered on the first appointment but delayed to the 2nd or 3rd appointment so that additional revenue (via the additional appointments) can be generated for the practice. Time passes by and the patient simply rots away and deteriorates.

American doctors have no incentive to promptly treat patients.

Doctors define a successful practice as one in which income greatly exceeds expenses. A successful practice IS NOT defined as one in which patients receive prompt, timely diagnosis and treatment. Prompt treatment decreases billing. Many practitioners are perfectly happy making one misdiagnoses after another - provided they get paid. If the patients misery is extended by months or years then thats just tough luck for the patient.

The entire medical system in the US is a joke. And despite media hype, Obamacare does nothing to fix this problem.

In the future, the medical system needs to be scraped. A new system should be implemented whereby doctors are rewarded for properly - and promptly - treating patients. Perhaps all doctors can receive a standard salary based on their specialty and then they can receive additional income based on the numbers of patients they properly treat. Some type of regulatory body will be needed to gather patient input on their treatment progress. The federal government cannot be this regulatory body. They are inept. I asked them to send me a Schedule A tax form and they couldn't even do that right. They sent me an envelope stating there were 2 Schedule A tax forms enclosed. I looked inside the envelope and there were ZERO Schedule A forms.
This new regulatory body could possibly be financed thru patient fees. Most people will not mind paying extra up front if their problem is quickly diagnosed and fixed so that no additional appointments are needed and they are not stuck taking drugs for years (or life).

America's medical system needs a serious overhaul. Too many patients aren't getting the help they need. Doctors procrastinate and have little incentive to promptly treat patients.

April 23, 2013

Anti Feminist Movement Fueled By Egotistical American Senators

The growing anti feminist movement in America has been partly fueled by the country's egotistical female politicians. Diane Sawyer of ABCNews recently interviewed American female senators. These politicians displayed their arrogance by preaching about their superiority over men.

Senator Diane Feinstein, California, said "We're less on testosterone,"  "We don't have that need to always be confrontational. And I think we're problem solvers, and I think that's what this country needs." Sen. Lisa Murkowski, of Alaska, added "Maybe it is the testosterone that you speak to, Dianne, or the ego that is attached there". 

These narrow minded female chauvinist jackasses (the more common name is feminist) are claiming superiority yet they have the gall to assert men have ego problems. These female chauvinist need to look in the mirror. Claiming superiority because of a hormone clearly demonstrates that it is Feinstein & Murkowski, who have the ego problem. These women are not the gods they claim to be. Feinstein & Murkowski are supposed to represent the men of their states yet they claim they are superior to these men. This is why the anti feminist movement is growing in the United States.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, said. "What I find is with all due deference to our male colleagues, that women's styles tend to be more collaborative."  Sen. Claire McCaskill, Missouri, said by nature women are "less confrontational."  Sen. Mazie Hirono, Hawaii, says that women are "problem solvers."

Their promotion of female superiority is typical of an arrogant feminist mentality. If women are so collaborative then how come it is female politicians that resist all attempts to help men's education? Why do they refuse to assist male victims of domestic violence? Why do they fight to maintain America's anti male divorce laws?

Sawyer stated female Senators "believe having more women in the room would help in fierce negotiations, compromise and legislating on Capitol Hill, traits they say do not come as naturally to their male colleagues in the Senate". Sen Claire McCaskill argued that for all these reasons women can get beyond "team mentality" of Democrats vs. Republicans and work towards a better goal.

If women make government run efficient then, today, Congress should be at its zenith. Over the last 20 years, the movement of women into Congress has reached record numbers. Over this same time period, Congress has become more divided, more extreme and increasingly uncompromising. Clearly, efficiency is not related to gender.

Sen. Maria Cantwell, Washington, says that women "leave their ego at the door" and are "more natural consensus builders." She said because of those traits women should be elected into more positions in Congress.

These female Senators certainly didn't leave their egos at the door for this ABCNews report. And Cantwell demands women be elected simply because of their gender. Got female chauvinism?  Advocating sexism is exactly why anti feminism is on the rise.

Sen. Barbara Boxer, California, said that women are still "underrepresented" in the Senate. ""I think that until we get to 50, we still have to fight because it's still a problem,"

If Boxer is truly interested in 50% representation then why has she been so resistant to the idea of having 50% child support payers be women? Across America, a meager 13% of child support payers are female despite the fact 30% of wives make more than their husbands. Yet this sexist Senator loathes the idea of 50% female child support payers. In fact, she is loathe to the idea of any woman paying child support.

Sen. Patty Murray, Washington stated "I think the thing is, is that every man wakes up in the morning and looks in the mirror and says, 'I could be president.' I think every woman looks in the mirror and says, 'What can I get done for my country today?'

What arrogant hypocrisy! All these female chauvinist pigs ( more commonly called feminist) have been doing over the last decade is screaming for a white female president. Murray has been screaming the loudest. 

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, New York, said that if Washington is ever going to be fixed she believes "it's women who are going to lead the way." This is such a pompous and bigoted statement. Its no different than saying "its whites who are going to lead the way'. Gillibrand represents the classic 'white female burden' mentality of feminism.

Many female senators hold traditional feminist views of women's supremacy. They see their male constitutes as inferior and irrelevant. It is these politicians' arrogant, sexist mentality that is helping fuel America's anti feminist movement.

January 16, 2013

Video Game Stance Shows Feminists Are Sexist

Feminist Anita Sarkeesian has received much attention from the media over the last 6 months. She is attacking the video gaming industry claiming its a sexist old boys club. Sarkeesian states "Change is coming to gaming".

Sarkeesian is demanding women characters not be portrayed as big breasted sexy females. Rather, she wants them portrayed as great, strong willed and independent characters with complex personalities and small breast. She claims many of the female representations in today's games symbolize sexist male fantasies. She believes changing gaming is important because "Popular media culture--for better or worse--is currently where the learning is happening, and that means that movies, TV, music, books, and video games are helping to shape our collective cultural universe. It's in everyone's interests to make sure that air is not polluted with poisonous sexism so that we don't all end up with hideous misogynist [anti women] mutations growing out of the back of our collective heads." Over $150,000 has thus far been donated to her cause.

Anita Sarkeesian statements are female chauvinist - in other words they are feminist. She demands women be shown only as a force of good. She wants to maintain the obsolete idea of women as "all honorable". Only men can be bad or evil characters. Currently, the gaming industry has very few female villains. Therefore, it is already practicing female chauvinism (more commonly called feminism). If the industry has to change then this is the area that needs changing.

Where are the evil female characters? In the real world, women have lied, cheated, committed paternity fraud, robbed, shot people, committed acts of domestic violence, acts of terrorism and blown up passenger jets. The idea all women are honest  & holy is a feminist myth. It is sexist. It perpetrates the obsolete feminist idea women should be up on a pedestal and worshiped as gods. The new generation of men are simply sick and tired of hearing that women are all good.

Also, many games have only female characters with big breast & minimal clothing. Sarkeesian claims they are male chauvinist fantasies.  She wants them changed. Fair enough. The industry, was simply taking into account the vast majority of players are male. Having some characters based on male fantasies makes marketing sense. However, notice when a Duke University female student created a Powerpoint slide with photos, names & sexual ranking of various men she dated, it was feminists who defended her. They claimed it was funny. When Ivillage (a predominately women's site) conducted a survey comparing the sexual skills of husbands to ex boyfriends, these "women activist" thought it was enlightening.  They accepted the survey even though comparing wives to ex girlfriends was forbidden. When the Android App "Boyfriend Trainer" was created feminists thought it was lighthearted. Training a boyfriend to be obedient is entertaining. In summary, feminist endorse entertainment or websites oriented toward women. However, when the tables are turned, their sexist hypocrisy is displayed.

Female characters in video games need to change. The most important change is ending the sexist idea of woman as only good. Criticism that female villains won't sell is a lie. The main antagonist in Lara Croft was a female. This game was highly successful selling millions of copies and spawning at least 10 sequels. Programmers have many real world examples of unscrupulous businesswomen, female politicians and wives for use as models for female villains. Some of these new characters can be shown as small breasted average looking women.

Feminism's sexist philosophy that evil is only male should have no place in the 21st century gaming industry.

January 2, 2013