The Hypocrite Wife and Happiness

A new book "The Secret Lives of Wives" by Iris Krasnow is being touted as a guideline for happy marriages. The book has been promoted by outlets such as The Today Show, CBS, The Huffington Post, Psychology Today and many others. Its philosphy is based on female double standard.

For example, the book emphasizes a wife should establish a strong, separate identity from her husband. She should create her "own space” and have freewheeling adventures away from the family where she can act “unmom”. However, happy relationships do not require women permitting their husbands the same freedoms. He doesn't need freewheeling adventures nor his "own space". This is why a husband is often criticized as being neglectful whenever he does any activity independent of his wife.

Additionally, the book insists a woman maintain a tight circle of girlfriends. This allows her an escape hatch from the challenges of marriage. However the hypocritical guidelines see no marital benefit for a man maintaining his friendships. Many women considered it demeaning if he needed an escape valve.

The author also emphasizes a married woman should increase her contacts with other men. For example, Krasnow credits her close relationships with her male buddies for some of her marital stability. She says, though not sexual, another man is fun to talk or flirt with. He is somebody to email after having a fight with your husband. Having a male flirtation can strengthen the marriage. Krasnow calls them "boyfriends with boundaries".

However, in classic hypocrisy, husbands having "girlfriends with boundaries" are unnecessary for marital stability. Flirting with other women is not seen as a way of strengthening the relationship.

The book goes even further and presents women who claim cheating on your husband can improve the marriage. One stated “If you avoid getting caught, a little affair can perk up a marriage,”. Another stated “My husband is only capable of doing so much, and it’s not enough,”. A different cheating wife said "A husband is your costar and a rock in your life. But if you’re a multidimensional person, you need a lot of different colors on your palette.” Promoting this aspect of the book, The Huffington Post linked to an article discussing Susan Shapiro Barash, a gender studies professor at Marymount Manhattan College. Ms Barash believes a wife's affair "is always about what’s missing from a marriage." The affair is the husband's fault & Barash claims cheating can empower women, raise their self esteem and allow them to renegotiate their marriage.

However, if these women's husbands begin having affairs of their own, Barash judges it differently. She believes it insults women. This is the mentality of a NARROW MINDED, FEMALE CHAUVINIST PIG - in other words a feminist.

The cheating women presented by Krasnow have this same mindset. They justify their affairs using an array of excuses. However, these hypocrites still demand their husbands remain faithful. It is considered sacrilegious if these men begin having affairs of their own.

Krasnow's book is misnamed. A more accurate title for her book would have been "Why Men Dont Get Married". They don't want to waste their life with a hypocrite wife.

October 24, 2011

Saskatoon Bars Cater to Feminist Hypocrisy

A feminist anti-rape poster campaign in Saskatoon bars, coordinated with police, is targeting young men and informing them that drunk or unconscious women can’t consent to sex. Therefore, men having sex with these women will be charged with rape.

One of the posters features a woman who is passed out drunk along with a caption that reads: "Just because she’s not saying no … doesn’t mean she’s saying yes". Feminist, Heather Pocock, of the Saskatoon Sexual Assault and Information Centre stated the ads are refreshing because they target the offender [men], not the victim [women]. “We need to continue to address the issues of sexual assault and consent publicly and where males in the largest offending age group will see the posters and take a good look at themselves and their attitudes and behaviors towards women,” added Ms. Pocock. The Saskatoon Police Service's Jean-Marc Voisard stated men will be "held accountable for their behavior".

Very few men go to bars hoping a woman becomes unconscious so he can have sex with her. It would be like having sex with a corpse - simply disgusting. This narrow minded poster clearly shows feminists have absolutely no understanding of men. Additionally, the idea a drunk woman and a drunk man having sex is rape because drunk women cant give consent is blatant feminist hypocrisy.

Some women go to bars, get drunk, have sex with drunk men, then sober up the next morning realizing the guy doesn’t have much money or he didn’t ski in the Swiss Alps or have countless other reasons why they now regret having had sex with him. The Saskatoon Sexual Assault Centre classifies these incidents as rape. They claim women are not responsible for their behavior while drunk. NOT HOLDING WOMEN ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS IS A FOUNDING PRINCIPLE OF FEMINISM.

However, in classic hypocrisy, feminist claim men ARE responsible for their actions while they are drunk. Drunk men will be held accountable by the law for their sexual conduct.

Thus a drunk man is responsible for both his actions and the woman's actions.

To further emphasize the law's female chauvinist double standard, consider what happens when a man gets drunk and has sex with a fat girl. The next morning, he sobers up, looks at her and regrets he had sex with her. The Saskatoon police and Ms Pocock do not demand the fat girl be arrested on rape charges. Its tough luck for the guy if he regrets his actions. Ms Pocock is a female chauvinist bullshtter - in other words she is a feminist.

Additionally, her claim men's attitudes toward women need to change is a farce. What needs to change is feminist attitudes about women and their idea that women are all honest and good. Feminist also need to change their female chauvinist behavior toward men.

Convict actual rapists not men whom women latter regret having slept with.

Any Saskatoon man falsely accused of rape as a result of these hypocrite laws should sue not only the girl but also Ms. Pocock and her Saskatoon sexist organization.

October 12, 2011