Understanding Feminism

To understand what feminism truly represents a person need only read Dr Sasha Galbraith's "Blame it on Hormones: Men are the Cause of Today's Problems". This article recently appeared in both Forbes and the Huffington Post.

The feminist author states the current problems in the banking and corporate world are all mens fault. She claims women are better bankers, investors and managers than men. Galbraith asserts that Facebook's recent problems in the stock market are mens fault because men are on the  board of directors. If women were on the board of directors things could be different. She neglected to mention Facebook was invented by men not women. The author also claims the recent financial problems of JP Morgan (an investment bank)  are the result of male decisions. She did not mention that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70% of the US banking industry is female. In fact, in the financial industry in America as a whole is predominately female. With such a high proportion of women employees, according to this author, the American banking and financial sectors should be one of the most efficient industries in the country's history. But they aren't.

The idea that men are inferior to women is the most important foundation of feminism. It is the reason why feminist believe women are more significant than men. The average person needs to comprehend this.

Galbraith claims male inferiority is due to testosterone.  The author states a book titled "The Hour Between Dog and Wolf" by John Coates documents testosterone creates "havoc in the bloodstreams of the male traders" and causes them to make stupid mistakes. Therefore, since women have very little testosterone they would clearly be better investors than men.

This inferiority claim is similar to an older feminist claim that men die before women because of testosterone. They claimed testosterone had a toxic effect on the human body while estrogen protected it against disease thereby allowing women to live longer. However, using estrogen in the treatment of disease has been a failure and in some cases caused an increase in the risk of stroke and dangerous blood clots. Additionally, maintaining normal testosterone levels in men has been shown to decrease the risk of prostate cancer and according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism can protect against cardiovascular disease. Thus, the idea estrogen is superior to testosterone was proven to be based on sexism rather than science.

The average person needs to understand that feminism is an ideology based on female chauvinism. It is founded on the belief women are better than men. Feminism is sexism.

June 27, 2012

Shattering a Feminist Myth

In recent months, a cherished feminist myth (women don't lie - especially about rape) suffered a series of shattering blows.

In May, a man named Brian Banks was exonerated of rape charges. He was initially accused of rape in 2002 by Wanetta Gibson, a high school girl. Even though he was innocent, his legal council recommended he plead "no contest" for a more lenient sentence. In America's feminist judicial system, when its her word vs his word, her word wins. (Note: This is true throughout America's female chauvinist culture.) Banks spent 5 years in prison. After being released from jail he registered as a sex offender and was required to wear an ankle bracelet. However in 2011, Gibson contacted Banks  on Facebook, telling him she felt guilty about making up the rape allegations. He then agreed to meet with her and secretly recorded a conversation in which she apologized. This meeting was the only reason Banks was able to clear his name.

Another recent case is that of Thomas Edward Kennedy. In April, he was released from prison after his daughter, Cassandra, admitted she made up rape allegations against her father. He had spent 10 years in prison. In 2001, the 12 year old daughter accused her father of raping her. He was convicted by a jury in 2002 and sent to prison. In January 2012, the daughter, now 23, admitted to police that she made up the story. She said that as a girl she felt neglected by her father at the time. Her parents had divorced and she spent only 1 weekend a month with him. Apparently the father began having drug problems after the divorce and wasn't around much. According to The Daily News in Longview, she told detectives "I wanted him to love me, and I didn't think he did at that time,".  "I took my own vengeance."

As teen, Cassandra began having her own drug problems. By 2010, she was using meth and had felony convictions for burglary and theft. Ultimately, she ended up at Mountain Ministries a Christian addiction treatment center, perhaps allowing her time to reflect.

A final example occurred in Asotin Washington recently. An 18 year old woman told police she was abducted and raped at gunpoint. In this particular case, the police did not follow feminist protocol and decided to thoroughly investigate. According to KLEW TV, after the investigation, police stated "She has confessed to us that she was not abducted nor raped. Any interactions between her and a young man was purely consensual." The women was cheating on her boyfriend. She made up the story to avoid getting caught. Currently, her name has not been released.

Women lie, cheat and steal the same as men. However, America is a feminist country. Its judicial system continues operating based on obsolete feminist myths. A woman's word is often considered fact.

The myth "Women don't lie" should be legally and culturally shattered. People should be judged on the basis of their actions. Unless feminism is overthrown, its chauvinistic myths will continue to be a guide for American law.

June 4, 2012