Obama Education Policy of Discrimination

Obama's education policy is based on limiting the opportunities of males. Currently, he has instituted a federal program called "Race to the Top". This program gives grants to states which in turn give money to public school districts in the expectation the districts will create new curriculum improving student academic achievement. However, grant eligibility rules require a state prove it has increased girls' access to science or math. "Race to the Top" will issue grant money even if the state's new curriculum limits boys' access to science or math. Equal access is not a provision of the program.

Even more ominous, the president has recently threatened to issue guidelines limiting male enrollment in any science, technology, engineering and math field (STEM). The Administration is angry there are more male students than female students in STEM fields. The new guidelines, tentatively to be issued in 2013, will withhold federal grants to universities which do not have increasing numbers of female students in the above mentioned disciplines. Schools want money.  They will gladly decrease male student enrollment and replace them with women as long as the federal government gives them cash.

Obama's policies are a violation of Title IX. They are passive discrimination. Education is supposed to be equally accessible for ALL students. Male students denied enrollment simply because of their gender can validly sue the University as well as file a class action Title IX sex discrimination lawsuit against the Department of Education.

Meanwhile, women earn the majority of biology degrees, nursing degrees and health science degrees giving them the majority of high paying jobs as biologists, nurses and technicians (Dental Hygienist & Ultrasound Technologist etc.). Obama has no intention of putting limitations on women in these fields. He is a sexist (in otherwords a true supporter of feminism).

 A 2011 study (Understanding Current Causes of Women’s Underrepresentation in Science) completed by Stephen J. Ceci and Wendy M. Williams concluded the skewing of gender in different disciplines is based on students' choices not bias. The researchers concluded women tend to be interested in "organic" fields involving people and living things which are the focus of biological & medical majors, whereas men are more interested in  objects and abstractions which are the focus of STEM majors. Therefore, all this  Administration's talk about being "pro choice" is largely a farce.

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) & the Women's Law Center (WLC) have controlled American education for the past two decades. These two feminist groups are largely responsible for creating nationally adopted classwork specifically designed to appeal to girls and disinterest boys. Additionally, many of the Department of Education's student conduct guidelines are based entirely on sexual harassment definitions issued by the AAUW. Any school not following the guidelines is sued by the WLC. Since most schools cannot afford legal fees, its cheaper to follow the guidelines. Lastly, both feminist groups claim men don't need higher education in order to obtain high wages. Therefore, schools should remain focused on girls. What these female chauvinists don't mention is the 1970's economy no longer exist. It is increasingly difficult to obtain good wages with only a high school diploma.

Previous Administrations have not had the courage to fight these feminist organizations and liberate American schools. The Obama Administration not only refuses to fight them but is creating policies so the AAUW and WLC can expand their dominance of education.

It is truly ironic Obama responded to Mitt Rommey's infamous '47% of Americans are moochers' comment by stating "If you want to be president you’ve got to work for everybody, not just for some."  Obama doesn't work for men. He doesn't represent them. He offers men nothing but hypocrisy and discrimination.

September 26, 2012

Feminist Sexual Double Standard Against Men

The University of Illinois at Chicago recently completed a study on sexual double standards.  The study revealed that most college students judge males and females  by the same rules when it comes to casual sex. The study found only 12% of students lose respect for women (but not men) if they have frequent casual sex. Meanwhile, 13% of students judge men more harshly than women.
What is truly revealing about this study however is the persistent feminist hypocrisy in US academia. The researchers, professor Barbara Risman & Rachel Allison expressed contempt for those students judging women more harshly when they act promiscuous. However when explaining why 13% of students felt men should be judged more harshly for promiscuity,  Barbara Risman stated “Women who hold to this reverse double standard are invoking a kind of gender justice, They are critical of men who treat women badly and they do not accept a ‘boys will be boys’ view of male sexuality.”

This is classic feminism. If a man does the exact same thing as a woman a different set of rules apply.

She then tried to justify her female chauvinism by explaining that many fraternities have an adversarial double standard against female promiscuity. She claimed that Greek brothers are at the top of campus social stratification and end up holding a great deal of social power on campus. Since sorority women living in Greek housing were the most likely group to judge male promiscuity harshly while accepting female promiscuity Risman claimed the women were challenging the "boys will be boys mentality"

Risman is an obvious sexist bullshitter (in other words, she's a feminist). Claiming its acceptable to judge males more harshly than females is narrow minded  Additionally, most students do NOT look up to fraternity brothers. The term "frat boy" is often used in a derogatory manner. They have little social power on campus. Finally sorority girls have a reputation as self centered princesses who treat men & even other women poorly. Their attitudes are no different than fraternity brothers.

The female chauvinist culture in American academia mirrors traditional feminist hypocrisy concerning sex. Feminist claim women have a right to engage in frequent sexual encounters. These women are said to be exploring their sexuality. Anyone calling them sluts is labeled a misogynist. However if a man does the exact same thing, these women's groups  promote their arrogant female chauvinist double  standard by labeling him a womanizer, player or dog.

The conclusions of the University of Illinois researchers is another example of the lack of objectivity that persists throughout American academia as a result of feminism.

September 4, 2012