Female Sex Offenders and Feminism

In another case of judicial feminism, a 31-year-old woman (Michelle Kemp) was sentenced to NO JAIL TIME despite pleading guilty to having sex with a 15 year old boy AND GIVING HIM DRUGS. In 2 separate hearings, both Okaloosa County and Bay County in Florida, refused to jail Kemp. Instead, she will register as a sex offender. She will also be under house arrest.

In Bay County, Prosecutor Tracy Smith, explaining why she decided not to seek jail time said “If I thought she was going to be a threat I would not have made that plea,”

However, the minor whom Kemp had an affair with was in a narcotics addiction treatment program. Kemp had given the youth drugs while he was in the program thereby derailing any hope the minor had of trying to straighten out his young life in the near future. Despite this fact, Smith felt Kemp is no threat. Smith displays the standard feminist mentality that a boy's future doesn't matter. His education is deemed insignificant. He is a toy for adult women. This type of mentality is one of the reasons why boys have fallen well behind girls in education.

Additionally, both Okaloosa and Bay County claimed the boy refused to cooperate with the State Attorney's Office. Too frequently, State Attorney Offices claim "a boy will not cooperate" yet convince a girl to testify against a man. A disparity of effort? A disparity of concern?

Jason Kemp, Michelle Kemp’s ex-husband, called her sentence “completely unbelievable.” Jason Kemp, who now lives in Des Moines, Iowa, with the couple’s children, said his wife'’s crimes led to their divorce, and questioned whether there is a double standard for women who commit sex crimes. “I know if I did what she did I would be in jail right now,” Jason  Kemp said. “I think it’s unbelievable. Completely unbelievable.”

What makes the judicial double standard more appalling is the known fact, girls mature faster than boys. A 15 year old girl is more mature than a 15 year old boy. Therefore, boys are less mentally prepared for sexual relationships than girls. This makes it easier for adult women to manipulate boys like puppets during sexual relationships - yet it is women who routinely serve no time for having sex with minors while men serve months to years in jail.

The American judicial system appears to be following sentencing guidelines written by feminist organizations. For example, a 'National Institute of Corrections'(NIC) document titled "Sentencing Women Offenders: A Training Curriculum for Judges" was written by the National Association of Women Judges. This document advocates a two tiered sentencing system, one for men and one for women. Another NIC document titled "Women and the Criminal Justice System: Gender Matters" also supports the idea of a two tiered sentencing system. This document was written by a Women's Studies professor. Several other documents exist. Although none of them are law they do appear to influence judicial sentencing.
This arrangement is similar to the education documents issued by the feminist group "The Women's Law Center". These documents are not law, yet most school districts adhere to them. This is why boys aged 4 to 10 are suspended for alleged sexual harassment in schools.

INDIVIDUALS SHOULD BE JUDGED AND SENTENCED SOLELY ON THE BASIS OF THEIR ACTIONS - NOT THEIR GENDER. Until feminism is removed from the American judicial system, and from society in general, this cannot happen.

February 17, 2011

The New York Times Claims Wikipedia Biased Against Women

The New York Times claims Wikipedia is sexist against women. In an article titled "Define Gender Gap? Look Up Wikipedia’s Contributor List" Times reporter, Noam Cohen, was outraged that 13% of the site's contributors are women while 87% are men.

The reporter claimed the internet encyclopedia's topics are skewed toward men. Cohen wrote "the most famous fashion designers — Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo — get but a handful of paragraphs . And consider the disparity between two popular series on HBO: The entry on “Sex and the City” includes only a brief summary of every episode, sometimes two or three sentences; the one on “The Sopranos” includes lengthy, detailed articles on each episode."

Cohen interviewed Joseph Reagle, a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard. Reagle claimed Wikipedia contributors create an "ideology that resists any efforts to impose rules or even goals like diversity, as well as a culture that may discourage women". He also claimed some contributors are "high-conflict people, even misogynists".

However, a quick view of the website shows that feminist criticisms are a farce. As an example, an article within the site, titled "Gender and Education", claims that when women do poorly in math and science, compared to boys, its because of educational sex discrimination. However when boys do poorly in reading compared to girls, its because boys brains are comparatively stupid. The article states females have a gender advantage in their brain's left hemisphere thus giving them an edge in literary education. The obvious conclusion of these assertions is that since, girls can do as well as boys in math & science and better than them in reading, women are smarter than men. THIS IS STANDARD FEMINIST BIGOTRY.

Additionally, if 13% of Wikipedia contributors being women is sexist, then what about the percentage of women who are paying child support? In an astounding coincidence, US Census Bureau statistics (2007) show that only 13% of child support payers are women. However, feminists have no problem with this gender gap and see no reason why it should rise. In fact, a scan of the New York Times revealed NO ARTICLES were written complaining about the lack of women paying child support and the gender bias of the US family court system. Classic female chauvinist double standard.

The New York Times reporter also interviewed feminist Jane Margolis, co-author of a book on alleged sexism in computer science, “Unlocking the Clubhouse". Margolis was enraged that many independent editorials both on the internet and in print are being written by males.  She said Wikipedia is another example.  Margolis is a case of a another feminist becoming angry because old media giants such as ABCNews, NBCNews and The New York Times have lost their monopoly on information circulation due to the invention of the internet. Most independent "male editorials" are actually written on the internet and therefore beyond mainstream media control. This means news organizations are no longer able to promote their political agenda (and feminism) unchallenged. Men can now speak out.

New York Times' attacks against Wikipedia is another example of the media promoting feminist double standards and negative stereotypes against men.

February 11, 2011