Women Are More Controlling Than Men In Relationships

A recent British study concluded females are more prone than males to be controlling and aggressive in relationships.

Psychologists at the University of Cumbria questioned 706 young women and 398 young men about their behavior in relationships.  They were asked about their physical aggression and controlling behavior toward sexual partners and friends. The psychologists discovered women were more likely to be  verbally and physically aggressive toward men than vice versa. Women were also shown to engage in greater levels of controlling behavior than men. This type of behavior is understood by psychologists to be a predictor of physical aggression in both sexes. The findings also revealed just as many females as males could be classified as abusive.

Lead researcher, Dr Elizabeth Bates said "This study found that women demonstrated a desire to control their partners and were more likely to use physical aggression than men." She also stated ‘"The stereotypical popular view is still one of dominant control by men. That does occur but research over the last ten to 15 years has highlighted the fact that women are controlling and aggressive in relationships too.’"

Previous studies, particularly in feminist America, explained controlling behavior in relationships as male violence towards women arising from patriarchal values. The British study shatters that feminist myth.  Dr Bates stated "This [study] suggests that IPV [intimate partner violence] may not be motivated by patriarchal values and needs to be studied within the context of other forms of aggression, which has potential implications for interventions."

Dr Bates' last statement shakes the very foundation of feminism. Her statement means that rather than judging people on the basis of their gender they should be judged on the basis of their actions.

In America, this would require a rethinking of institutions such as domestic abuse shelters and the family court system. These entities currently follow feminist philosophical guidelines. They judge people on the basis of feminist gender stereotypes. Thus, men are denied access to domestic abuse shelters because they are seen as violent rapists. Conversely, women are viewed as good & virtuous. Men are also denied equality in the family court system because courts believe any marital problems are the husband's fault. Wives are viewed as innocent. Additionally, popular women's websites such as Lulu operate on feminist principles. Lulu's creators, Alison Schwartz & Alexandra Chong, believe only males cause relationship problems.  Their website's philosophy is only males act selfish or violent. Females are seen as honest, selfless and righteous. Thus, the website allows dating  reviews only of men. Schwartz and Chong deem the rating of women as unnecessary since female characteristics are all good.

The feminist idea of all women being benevolent and selfless is obsolete. The British relationship study shows feminist gender stereotypes were based on sexism not scientific fact. People should be judged on the basis of their actions not gender.

July 30, 2014

Female Sex Offenders And Their Defense

Three recent female sex offender incidents shows America’s feminist culture uses an array of excuses to defend these women's actions.

In the first incident, an Ohio high school track coach, Mrs. Martina Stanley, 35, admitted to a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old boy. Although  he was a student at her high school, she was neither his teacher nor coach. In June, a Marion County court issued her a 15 day jail sentence and 60 hours of community service. She also lost her teaching license.

The defense used by her attorney, and promoted by several media outlets, was the sexual relationship caused the boy no harm. Some media reports implied Mrs. Stanley should not even be sentenced. The 'no harm' defense is often used for female sex offenders. It is rooted in feminist ideology and white knight culture.

Feminism emphasizes men are often responsible for a women's misdeeds therefore women are not true criminals. Only men are criminals. This philosophy was the basis for a document titled "Sentencing Women Offenders: A Training Curriculum for Judges" written by the "The National Association of Women Judges" The document's focus was the promotion of a two tiered sentencing system based on gender. Women should be given lighter sentences than men for most crimes. The document has beenn promoted for nearly a decade.   

Similarly, male white knight culture is based on the belief all women are pure and good. They see women as being 'up on a pedestal'. These men view the conviction of women for criminal actions as wrong.

The idea adult women cannot harm adolescent boys is false.

Consider the fact psychologists, feminist and white knights categorically emphasize adolescent girls are more mature than adolescent boys. They also violently oppose any sexual relationship between adult males and adolescent girls. They claim such a relationship causes girls to have higher levels of depression, lower levels of self-esteem and causes her physiological damage.

Yet, maturity is the determining factor in how well an individual handles a sexual relationship. The claim mature girls are harmed by sex while immature boys remain unaffected is illogical and contradictory. Also, when Mrs. Stanely began a sexual relationship with the boy, she taught him its ok for adults to date minors. When he's in his 30's, he could have sex with adolescent girls based on his experience with Mrs. Stanely. Has harm been done? Suppose he gets married in the future. By having sex with the boy, Mrs. Stanely taught him its ok to lie to your spouse's face and stab them in the back. He could cheat on his future wife with an adolescent girl based on his experience as an adolescent. Has harm been done?

Lastly, actual harm is never the only issue in other crimes. For example, if a women is attacked and raped by an assailant, that assailant is viewed as a criminal. Suppose the woman was able to escape thereby avoiding all the harm associated with rape. Is the assailant no longer a criminal?  The legal issue is adults dating adolescents.

Martina Stanley's 15 day sentence might seem reasonable if the youth was close to his 18th birthday. However, there is a small problem.

On March 1, 2013 a Marion County Court sentenced a male sex offender to 14 years in prison. Richard Hale, 53, was guilty of taking nude pictures of an underage girl  and having a sexual relationship with her.  The girl was either 16 or 17 - for reasons unknown the court did not determine her exact age. The adolescent girl made no statements against Mr. Hale. Their relationship was only discovered when the girl asked her high school for help with her home life. Her mother was selling drugs and she was using drugs. The Court had no evidence Hale ever gave her drugs. Hale also had many nude pictures of previous girlfriends. Several officials viewed the photos. Only 1 person thought a few of the girls were probably under 18. However, the judgmental accuracy and objectivity of this person is unknown. Defendants cannot be convicted of additional crimes based on  a vague opinion of one individual. No other victims have come forward. There is also no evidence Hale ever distributed any of his pictures to the public.

The factual evidence against Richard Hale and Martin Stanely is not too different yet the difference between their sentences is huge. It appears Marion County is using "Sentencing Women Offenders: A Training Curriculum for Judges" as its legal guidance. Mr. Hale would seemingly have grounds for a gender discrimination lawsuit.

In a second female sex offender case, Utah teacher, Mrs. Brianne Land Altice, 34, admitted to having a sexual relationship with a 16 year old boy. The boy was a student at her school. Allegedly, the relationship lasted from March to June in 2013. Mrs. Altice's defense is the relationship was not her fault. Her attorney claims the 16 year old boy is at fault. He pursued her. On June 3, a Utah judge denied a motion to dismiss charges against her.

Claiming an adult woman is not responsible for her actions is classic feminism. Like Martina Stanely's case, it is rooted in the feminist belief that men are responsible for a women's misdeeds. Whether or not the boy pursued her is irrelevant. She is the adult. ALL adults are responsible for their actions. She made the decision to date a 16 year old, lie to her husbands face and stab him in the back. She bares sole responsibility for that decision. Her husband has filed for divorce and custody of their child.

In the final sex offender case, a New York high school gym teacher, Mrs. Joy Morsi, 38, was arrested on June 3 and charged with 20 counts each of third-degree rape and third-degree criminal sexual act. She allegedly had a sexual relationship with a 16 year old boy whom was a student at her school. Prosecutors claim the relationship ended when Mrs. Morsi “flipped out” over the boy's decision to take a female classmate to the prom. Additionally, a second student has since come forward to say he also had sex with the teacher. Apparently, Mrs. Morsi began dating him as an act of revenge against her original teenage boyfriend. Her husband accompanied her to her arraignment but reporters claim he did not leave with her afterwards.

Defending her, Fox News commenter Tucker Carlson stated "”You’re this boy, and all of a sudden you’re a rape victim? You pursue an older woman, and have a relationship with her, and you’re a rape victim??”. He called the case "ludicrous". He also admitted it would be a different if the victim was female and the teacher was male. Carlson is another white knight male who views women as being 'up on a pedestal' He thinks 16 year old girls never think about sex. Instead, they sit in their basement and play with their Barbie dolls. Its irrelevant the teenage boy pursued Mrs Morsi. He's a minor. SHE'S THE ADULT.

In America, feminist double standards, often supported by white knight men, are used to defend female sex offenders.

July 7, 2014