Rose McGowan Shows Female Privilege Is Part Of The #MeToo Movement

Bill Clinton recently stated he believed he did not owe Monica Lewinsky an apology for their consensual affair while he was president. Their affair lasted intermittently from 1995 thru 1997.  Lewinsky was 22 years old when their relationship began.

Rose McGowan, a prominent activist within the #MeToo movement became angered by Clinton's statement. She claimed he ruined Monica Lewinsky's life.

McGowan said "Bill Clinton. Here is the truth of it:  a human life was altered & destroyed due to your selfishness.   Because.     You.    Could.   You not only wiped your semen on a young girl’s dress, you left a stain on society. You actually owe EVERYONE an apology, especially her."

Previously, the #MeToo activist claimed  22 year old Monica Lewinsky  was a kid. McGowen stated "Get real people, see truth. She (Lewinsky) was a kid. Biggest power imbalance ever. The SCARLET LETTER IS HIS."  

Why should an adult man apologize to an adult women for a consensual relationship he had with her? The idea Clinton is solely responsible for their relationship and owes Lewinsky an apology is sexist.

Rose, here is the truth of it. You dont get to claim a grown woman is not responsible for her actions. You dont get to claim a 22 year old woman should be considered a kid in the eyes of the law. Monica was not forced into a relationship. She saw fame and fortune in an affair with a US president.  She made her own decisions as an ADULT. If she regrets those decisions now - too bad. Its still not sexual assault. Its not rape. If Lweinsky had rejected the relationship, nothing would have happened to her. The US is not currently a Soviet police state. She wouldn't have been shot. She wouldn't have been shipped to a Soviet concentration camp. She wouldn't have been relieved of her intern duties. She would have continued living anonymously.

Regardless of whether the reader hates or likes Bill Clinton, the fact remains he owes Monica Lewinsky nothing. He didn't rape her. He didn't sexually assault her. He didn't ruin her life. She made her own decisions as an adult. She alone is responsible for the consequences of those decisions just as Clinton is responsible for the consequences of his decisions.

The #MeToo activist is simply blaming a man for bad decisions an adult woman made. She is asserting grown women should not be held responsible for their actions. She is claiming female freedom from consequences of bad decisions. She is claiming female privilege.

McGowan's comments show the projection of female privilege is a component of the #MeToo movement. If a woman makes a mistake, she can avoid accountability by blaming a man.

June 12, 2018

Apparel Company Uses Little Boys to Promote Feminist Propaganda.

Apparel company, J. Crew, recently designed a shirt promoting feminism for little boys. A photo of the shirt appears below.

It was designed in collaboration with the extremist website prinkshop. The website routinely designs shirts promoting feminist ideology. J. Crew introduced the boys shirt by stating "Start ‘em young. Shop our exclusive crewcuts collab w/ @prinkshop via link in bio."

Opposition to the boys shirt was fairly strong. One customer stated "You’ve so lost me as a customer! I’ve shopped you all for all my casual clothing since 2000. This poor kid doesn’t even know what he’s representing! You all just had to get political! Well let me tell you what, bye bye good paying customers.”  Another customer stated "Y'all... don't make your children pawns in your political game. It ain't cute." Another patron said "I genuinely hope that no parent would go as low as to use their children to push their political views, no matter what stance they take". A potential client stated "Kids should be kids not political grandstanding tokens. You’re gonna lose $$$$ but you did it to yourself!."

MSM was angered that many customers were protesting against the shirt. The news organization attempted to stamp out dissent by claiming feminism is about equality and the protesters were right wing. MSM journalist, Jacob Shamsian, wrote:

"J.Crew's new politically minded "I am a feminist too" shirt for boys is drawing the ire of right-wing fans of the brand. The fashion brand promoted the shirt on its Instagram account over the weekend, and was flooded with comments criticizing the brand for apparently promoting the political ideology of equality between the sexes."

As stated at the top of the blog FEMINISM IS SEXISM. It is an ideology of female chauvinism. It has nothing to do with equality. For example, feminists have claimed men's brains become damaged when they obtain positions of authority . Feminists have voiced opposition against giving male college students accused of rape a fair hearing.. Feminists have claimed female doctors are better than male doctors..

Putting the phrase "I Am A Feminist Too" on a shirt is the same thing as putting the phrase "I Am A Sexist Too".  J.Crew is donating 10% of the retail price for every shirt sold to the United Nations feminist organization 'Girl Up'. This organization supports girls in developing countries but has refused to help boys.  Don't buy J. Crew.

June 4, 2018

NBC News Article Claims Power Damages Male Brains

NBC News has published an article titled 'Does Power Damage Male Brains?' The article was written by  feminist Lynn Stuart Parramore. She claims male brains become damaged when men obtain positions of authority.

 Parramore writes: 
"If you get the sense that your boss doesn’t really see you and read you accurately, you may be onto something. And it might be worse if your boss is a 'he'. Because some researchers now think that power may not affect men and women the same way. During his comments at Davos, Dacher Keltner (a male feminist from  University of California Berkeley) argued that power is particularly damaging to men:"
 "If I’m powerful and I’m a man, and I’m interacting with a woman who is less powerful, I’m just going to be feeling more sexually aroused. That’s well documented in a lot of studies. I’ll act on those impulses. I’ll be approaching their space, saying suggestive things, etc. Here comes the problem: I erroneously believe that the woman around me is attracted to me when in fact she’s feeling repulsed or anxious."
"Keltner points to increasing amounts of social science data that suggest women in leadership positions tend to be more collaborative and less prone to corruption and abuse."
In essence, the feminist is arguing male bosses should be replaced by women because female brains are less 'damaged' by power. Additionally, the feminist claims powerful women are more collaborative than powerful men. If this is true, then how come powerful women like NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and MO Senator Claire McCaskill are unwilling to collaborate with US Secretary of Education Betsy Devos about reforming sexual assault investigation procedures on college campuses nationwide? How come these powerful female Senators are refusing any collaboration or input from falsely accused male college students? If powerful women are collaborative then how come powerful female politicians from the Senate and House of Representatives always fight against paternity fraud legislation? What happened to their collaboration skills? Lastly, where is the alleged 'science data' showing women are more collaborative and less corrupt than men?  Parramore provides no links.

The idea female leaders are more collaborative is simply another feminist sexist statement.

Perramore continues:  
 "In the #MeToo movement, there are basically two power dynamics at play: those between employers and subordinates, and those between men and women. Imbalances create potential pitfalls in both cases. But part of #MeToo is about recognizing and speeding up shifts in the balance of power along with the expectations of who wields it — and how they are culturally and legally sanctioned to use it.
"#MeToo has illuminated the need for better protections for employees, more collaborative power models and greater representation of women in management and boards." 
In other words, Perramore wants decreasing numbers of male managers - due to their "damaged brains" - and increasing numbers of female bosses whom she claims are more suited to "collaborative power models" .

Perramore then states: 
"Checks and balances are required so that the less powerful have secure channels to voice concerns and a fair forum in which to be heard."
"One good sign is the first piece of proposed legislation to come out of #MeToo, a bipartisan bill which would help shift power away from management to those who report sexual harassment. The new law would end forced arbitration, a nasty bit of injustice written into the contracts of as many as 60 million Americans. It denies them due process if they are sexually harassed at the workplace."
These are ironic statements for a feminist. She claims she is concerned about 'due process' and a 'fair forum in which to be heard'. Yet, as discussed in a previous post, an array of  feminist groups and politicians stated they will fight against Betsy Devos's reforms giving male college students accused of sexual assault 'due process' and  a 'fair forum' where their defense can be heard.

Perramore concludes: 
"If we know that power distorts, then the solution is to rebalance it and try to ensure that people don't get to wield it unchecked. Shared models of power and consciously reorienting ourselves towards interactions that are more empathetic and mutual are the antidotes to dynamics that are abusive and coercive. Redefining masculinity is also part of the necessary shift. "
The feminist wants masculinity redefined. She wants men molded so that they are more pliable to her will. She wants to control men.

This NBC News article is more evidence that feminism IS sexism. The entire essay is laced with feminist gender stereotypes as well as the sexist claim women are better managers than men.

April 30, 2018