False Rape Accuser Kellie Bartlett Avoids Jail

Kellie Bartlett  had been cheating on her husband Shane Bartlett  for over a year with a Michigan deputy, She worked as a clerk in the Eaton County Sheriff's Office.

In the spring of 2017, the Deputy ended the relationship and asked Mrs. Bartlett to stop contacting him.  According to, Michigan State Police Detective Sgt. Erik Darling, after the relationship ended, Kellie Bartlett continued trying to contact the deputy and began stalking him.  In December 2017, she was  fired for undisclosed reasons thought possibly relating to the stalking. 

In January 2018, Mrs Bartlett  filed a compliant with Michigan State Police  claiming the Michigan deputy had sexually assaulted her in March 2017. News reports also state her husband - who was the police chief for the town of Potterville - may have helped her file the false compliant.  What she told her husband remains unclear. As a result of Mrs Bartlett's compliant, a criminal investigation was initiated against the deputy. However, the investigation determined backstabbing wife,  Kellie Bartlett, was a "willing and consenting partner" in the sexual encounters. She then admitted to the affair.

Mrs. Bartlett initially faced 16 charges related to her job at the Eaton County Sheriff's Office and her false report to Michigan State Police that the deputy raped her.  Most of the charges were dismissed in exchange for Mrs Bartlett's guilty plea to 'false report of a felony', 'lying to a police officer', unauthorized access to a computer,  stalking and identity theft. The last charge  resulted from her faking a  physician's note in order to receive compensation for time off from her clerk job.

Recently, Ingham County Circuit Court Judge Clinton Canady stated Kellie Bartlett can avoid jail if she stays out of trouble until her official sentencing hearing in December 2020.  She will be issued curfew rather than incarceration.

Once again, the American judicial system fails to hold a false rape accuser accountable for her actions. This is exactly why so many false rape accusations occur.  Women can even falsely accuse police officers of rape without fear of the law.  In this feminist era, are grown women ever going to be held responsible for their own criminal behavior?

February 28, 2020

An Example of Why Men Don't Get Married

A father posted that his daughter Anna (25) cheated on her boyfriend Adam (27) and is now pregnant with the other man's child. The boyfriend and girlfriend were apparently living together. Anna told Adam about the pregnancy but not the fact the child was not his. The father said Adam called him and  wanted to propose to Anna. He asked for proposal tips.

The father then posted
"Three days later he [Adam] comes to drop a wailing Anna off at our house with all of her belongings. Apparently, Anna's friend told him about the cheating. That is the only thing she told us through the crying. Adam didn't say anything he just took her stuff out of the car and drove off."
"This is the fourth day since it happened and Anna is posting on her Facebook things like "Men are trash" and badmouthing her friend who told Adam."
"[My wife] started saying things like "you'll find someone better" , "he wasn't man enough anyway" which disturbed me".
"I was, and still am , deeply disgusted with my daughter."
The full details of his post can be read here.

Anna is exactly why so many men dont want to get married today. She was willing to stab a man who loved her in the back. She was willing to trick him into raising someone else's child.  Then, after this man dumped her, she posts Facebook statements such as 'Men are trash'. She thinks she is so wonderful that her cheating and fraud should not matter.

If the couple had married and Adam later found out about the fraud, most family courts would support Anna not Adam. Paternity fraud is still legal in most states in the US as well as much of the western world. She is a reason why the marriage rate in America is at its lowest point in this country's history.

Anna's friend is obviously someone with integrity. That person saved Adam from a life of exploitation. Its unfortunate that somewhere on Facebook a self centered  woman named Anna is posting lies and disinformation about this person.

February 11, 2020

Washington Post Suspends Feminist Reporter for Posting Personal Information of Her Critics After Kobe Bryant's Death

Feminist reporter Felicia Sonmez was suspended by the Washington Post after publishing private information about her critics..

Just hours after 41-year-old Kobe Bryant was one of nine people — including his 13-year-old daughter Gianna —  killed in a Los Angeles helicopter crash Sunday, Sonmez  tweeted out a 2016 Daily Beast story about the 2003 rape allegation against the legendary Laker. This was how she wanted Bryant to be remembered - as an accussed rapist.

Sonmez was immediately criticized by thousands of Twitter users for her decision. Not only is the allegation 17 years old, but Bryant’s accuser chose money over testifying. For his part, Bryant apologized to the woman without admitting to any wrongdoing.

Two hours after her tweet, she responded by stating
Well, THAT was eye-opening,” “To the 10,000 people (literally) who have commented and emailed me with abuse and death threats, please take a moment to read the story …  Any public figure is worth remembering in their totality … even if that figure is beloved.”
The feminist reporter then tweeted.
“Hard to see what’s accomplished by messages such as these,”  “If your response to a news article is to resort to harassment and intimidation of journalists, you might want to consider that your behavior says more about you them the person you’re targeting.
Her tweet also included a screen shot of her email box. The screen shot included  personal information of people criticizing her.  She was subsequently suspended.

The feminist has since deleted all of her tweets. However, many reporters have no problem with her releasing personal information of critics and are now expressing their own outrage. They believe that criticism of the media should be stamped out. This is especially true if the journalist is a feminist who is trying to discredit the reputation of a popular man.

January 27, 2020