Senator Kristen Gillibrand Undermines The Rights Of Male College Students

New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand has been fighting against reforming sexual assault investigation procedures for colleges.

 Currently, investigations operate under the "preponderance of evidence standard". This standard requires only the possibility an accused male student is guilty of sexual assault.  Unless evidence  proves he is innocent, investigators typically conclude a man is guilty of sexual assault based primarily on an accusation from a woman.  Subsequently, the male student is kicked out of school and has trouble enrolling in other schools because he is presumed a rapist.

US Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, wants schools to use a higher standard of evidence for determining a student's guilt.  She is also proposing regulations requiring schools approach all investigations under the presumption that the accused is innocent until proved guilty. Lastly, Deovs  recommends both the accuser and accused be allowed complete access to information gathered by universities during their investigation. Some schools currently deny students access to the investigation files.

Senator Gillibrand is angered an effort is being made to make investigations fair for male students.  She stated
"Let's fight back to make sure Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education do not turn their backs on survivors of campus sexual assault."
Additionally,  the New York Senator said
 "This betrays students. Betsy DeVos should be doing everything she can to make Title IX enforcement stronger
Her statement shows she believes Title IX  applies only to female students.  Gillibrand  also penned an extensive article  for Cosmopolitan Magazine demanding the "preponderance of the evidence" standard remain in place. 

She wrote:
 "The Department of Education should never turn its back on sexual assault survivors  and I'm ready to fight to make sure they don't. If this also matters to you, then I encourage you to raise your voice and speak out as forcefully as you can about it. We must keep our campuses safe, and to do that, we need good, strong, and fair enforcement of Title IX."
 "By saying she plans to revoke or rescind the Title IX guidelines, Secretary DeVos has shown that she does not take the rights of survivors seriously, but I will do everything in my power as a senator to fight to support our sexual assault survivors. I urge everyone who cares about safety and fairness on our college campuses to join me in this fight and demand that our government officials take campus sexual assault seriously,"
Her article shows she assumes all accused male students are guilty, female students never lie and Title IX only applies to women. Gillibrand  judges students on the basis of their gender rather than their actions. Senator Gillibrand  is a sexist.

When The New York Times recently reported on a draft copy of Devo's reforms, Gillibrand responded by tweeting:
"When has @BetsyDeVosED ever stood with anyone but the powerful? She sides with for-profit colleges over students, lenders over borrowers and predators over survivors. At every turn, she betrays her responsibility to the students she's meant to serve. It's sickening."
Senator Kristen Gillibrand views male college students as predators and rapists. In her mind, these students have no rights and are not protected by Title IX. Any male student planning on voting for her in November should reconsider his decision.

October 1, 2018

Feminists Are Sexist Hypocrites

Former New York University (N.Y.U.) graduate student Nimrod Reitman accused feminist professor Avital Ronnell of pressuring him into a sexual relationship.

Reitman was required to work with Ms Ronnell in an unspecified manner in order to obtain his Ph.D. Additionally, she was also assigned as his student advisor.  Reitman claimed professor Ronnell emailed and called him constantly. The communication was often sexual in nature and she refused to work with him if he did not reciprocate. He also said she would visit him at his home, climb into bed with him, and force him to kiss and touch her.  Additionally, Mr. Reitman said he was expected to work with Professor Ronell often at her apartment. Kissing and touching would typically occur. Reitman, who is gay, said he continued working with Ronnel because he saw no other way to obtain his Ph.D. from N.Y.U. He had previously contacted University officials about her behavior but received no help.

Reitman provided the NY Times with emails supporting his claims.

Two years after graduating from N.Y.U., Reitman filed a Title IX complaint against his former adviser, alleging sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking and retaliation.

N.Y.U.  dragged out the investigation over an 11 month period. Male students accused of sexual assault rarely receive more than a few days of investigation from the school.  N.Y.U found Professor Ronell responsible for sexual harassment but cleared her of the other allegations. She was suspended from her duties for one year.

Many feminists were angered at the University's verdict. They collectively wrote a letter claiming Reitman  was waging a malicious campaign against her and that there was no actual evidence the Professor was guilty of anything. The entire letter appears below.

Feminist letter (pdf)

One of the signators,  Diane Davis, from University of Texas-Austin,  said she and her fellow feminists were particularly angered Mr. Reitman was using Title IX law. She stated "I am of course very supportive of what Title IX and the #MeToo movement are trying to do, of their efforts to confront and to prevent abuses, for which they also seek some sort of justice, But it's for that very reason that it's so disappointing when this incredible energy for justice is twisted and turned against itself, which is what many of us believe is happening in this case."

This case emphasizes feminist double standard. A feminist was guilty of work place sexual harassment. She preached against sexual harassment of women but had no problem harassing a male student.  Rather than criticize her, fellow feminists attacked her male victim.  Additionally, they defended the female sexual harasser. They were appalled Title IX's code of conduct was being applied to a woman.  They viewed Title IX law as a set of rules only for men.

Also, when Ronnell was accused of sexual harassment, feminists demanded "a fair hearing" for her. However, when any male student is accused,  a different set of rules is applied. Being "fair" is unnecessary.

Gender double standard is a traditional feminist trait.  It was on displayed in Illinois when 100 women proposed a two tiered judicial system based on gender. It was also on display in the Washington Post when a feminist wrote an article titled "Why Cant We Hate Men" .

FEMINISM IS SEXISM. Feminists do not judge people on the basis of their actions.  They judge them on the basis of their gender. 

August 27, 2018

Illinois Proposes a Two Tiered Judicial System Based on Gender

An Illinois task force, which includes Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke and Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx is proposing to release large numbers of female criminals from prison. They claim female law breakers should be treated differently than male law breakers.

The Chicago Tribune writes::
"The number of women locked up in Illinois prisons would be cut by as much as half under an ambitious proposal by reform advocates who argue that the corrections system has largely ignored the needs of female inmates, many of whom suffered years of trauma, abuse or poverty before winding up behind bars."
"With 8 of every 10 female inmates in Illinois a mother and often the primary parent, their removal from society has damaging ripple effects on families and neighborhoods, experts say."
 "a 100-member all-female task force of experts, current and former prison officials and formerly incarcerated women will announce a seven-year effort to bring down by 50 percent the number of women in the Illinois Department of Corrections."
"[The group] plans to consider a wide range of options — everything from changing laws to designing more social service programs."
This proposal - by an all woman task force - is suggesting institutionalizing sexism. These women are proposing incarceration be based on gender rather than criminal actions. Many male criminals also suffered years of trauma, abuse or poverty before winding up behind bars. Many are fathers. Why should they be treated differently? Why should they be given more jail time simply because they are not female? Imagine a task force proposing jail time be based on race. Those of a certain skin color can be released earlier than other criminals. Wouldn’t that be considered discrimination? Proposing a judicial system based on gender is no different. ITS DISCRIMINATION.

The Tribune continues:
"Deanne Benos, a former Illinois corrections official who is leading the effort, told the group. “One hundred women, all women, coming together to build and plan and cut the women’s prison population by 50 percent or more.”
Uh, no Dianne. Instead, its 100 women coming together to demand special privilege.

The Chicago Tribune's lengthy, one-sided article attempts to persuade readers female criminals do not belong in jail. Prison is strictly for males.

Why is holding grown adult women accountable for their actions such a problem in this country?

If Illinois adopts the task force's recommendations of leniency for female felons, then male felons should file lawsuits for civil rights violations and sex discrimination. Lawsuits against a state's Department of Corrections are possible.

For example. convicted felon  Taylor Blanchard sued the Wyoming Department of Corrections  claiming her constitutional rights were violated. A judge had sentenced her to 6 years in prison with a recommendation for boot camp. Felons completing a boot camp program can have their sentence reduced. However, Wyoming only operates a boot camp program for men. 

Blanchard's lawsuit was ultimately dismissed by a judge but only because she completed an out of state boot camp program and subsequently had her sentence reduced. Illinois men will be in the same situation as Blanchard.

There is no valid reason criminals should have their sentenced reduced simply because they are female. Grown women should not be shielded from accountability. They are adults. They should be held responsible for their actions. They should be held to the same standard of accountability as men.

August 2, 2018