Louisiana False Rape Incident

Louisiana wife, Gina Louise Causey, told local police she was abducted at gunpoint in broad daylight while eating lunch along a lakefront in the town of Mandeville. She said her attacker made her lie on the floor of his car and drove for 'only a minute or so' to a nearby house where he took her inside and raped her. Causey claimed the rapist demanded she hand over her driver's license. He took a picture of it. He then put the license into a box 'with several other women's driver's licenses' and told her if she went to the police he would know. Causey said the alleged rapists was a law enforcement officer who had raped several other women in the area. Gina claimed she was impregnated by the sexual assault.

However, upon further investigation, police found inconsistencies with her time line and the location where she claimed to have been raped. When confronted with these inconsistencies, the backstabbing wife admitted the whole story was a lie. Gina Causey admitted she was trying to hide from her husband the fact she had become pregnant while having an extramarital affair.

Mandeville Police subsequently arrested the fraudulent wife. She is now charged with criminal mischief but is unlikely to face jail time.

Feminist continue to be outraged anytime police question a rape allegation. They preach "Stop victim blaming!".

Yet, a study, by Frank Zepezauer concluded 25% of rape complaints are fraud. Zepezauer stated "Empirical evidence does not support  the widespread belief that women are extremely unlikely to make false accusations of male sexual misconduct. Rather the research on  accusations of rape, sexual harassment, incest and child sexual abuse indicates that false accusations have become a serious problem.".

In a unique study published in the Forensic Science Digest (December 1985), the most common reasons cited by women for making fraudulent claims of rape were: guilt, revenge for ending a relationship and covering up cheating. Although the reasons for making fraudulent rape accusations probably have not changed during the last 30 years, an updated study is still needed.

Feminist view the world in terms of gender. They are not interested in judging people on the basis of their actions. They are only interested in knowing the gender of the accused and the gender of the accuser. Feminists will then determine the validity of any accusation based solely on the individuals' gender. 

Feminism is sexism.

Hopefully, Mr Cauusey now realizes his backstabbing wife is a complete loser.

March 31, 2015

Feminist Convert Alcohol Into Legal Tool to Attack Men

Across multiple intuitions, feminist are using alcohol as tool to harass and intimidate men.

The Department of Defense has recently redefined alcohol as a weapon in cases of alleged sexual assault by members of the military. Boulder Colorado Prosecutor, Katharina Booth, a leading feminist demanding the redefinition, said “It’s trying to focus the blame where the blame should be, which is on the offender and their behavior rather than the victim and how much they drank.” In describing  alcohol Booth stated "Its a weapon". Another advocate demanding liquor’s reclassification, feminist attorney and former director of  Colorado’s Ending Violence Against Women’s Project, Anne Munch said "For the same reason that a robber chooses a drunk victim (over a  sober victim), a rapist will also choose a drunk victim,"

Both Munch and Booth are adamant that when male and female cadets have sex under the influence of liquor, only the male can be charged with rape. Female cadets will receive no indictments. Liquor’s reclassification is aimed solely at men.

Claiming alcohol is a weapon more readily allows the expulsion of male officer candidates from military schools on false rape  charges. Military investigators can easily frame any sexual activity as a crime because a weapon - alcohol - was present. Beer will be viewed as no different than a knife. Feminist intent in redefining alcohol is to lower male graduation rates in military officer schools by applying a gender double standard toward expulsions.

In conjunction with limiting the pool of male officers, feminist are also suing the military. A recent lawsuit filed by the Service Women’s Action Network and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) demands the military have more female officers. Currently, 17%  of officers are women. Ariela Migdal, of the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project stated "The military service academies are premier educational institutions that provide tuition-free paths to leadership and are run by the federal government – there is no excuse for the government to provide this opportunity to women at such dismally low rates.

So what if "only" 17% of officers are women. Most of the military's hardship and sacrifice has fallen upon men. According to a  Congressional Research Service report, 97.5% of US military casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan WERE MALE during the period of 2001 to 2014.

Feminist are using alcohol, in conjunction with lawsuits, as a weapon against men in the armed forces. Their objective is to limit male authority, increase female authority and maximize male sacrifice within the military.

Similarly, feminist are using alcohol as a legal tool against male college students. In 2011, the Department of Education's Russlyn Ali (a feminist) issued a "Dear Colleague Letter” stating only marginal evidence is needed to expel any college student for sexual misconduct.  The letter stated "Sexual harassment of students, which includes acts of sexual violence, is a form of sex 
discrimination prohibited by Title IX
" and "Sexual violence, as that term is used in this letter, refers to physical sexual acts perpetrated against a person’s will or where a person is incapable of giving consent due to the victim’s use of drugs or alcohol". Any school not expelling students guilty of sexual misconduct are in violation of Title IX federal law.

As a result, nearly all schools instituted conduct policies stating any student having sex with an intoxicated individual can be expelled. An intoxicated person cannot give consent to sexual contact because their judgment is impaired. Since most college administrations have an institutionalized feminist culture, conduct codes are applied solely toward male students. Duke University's 
Dean of Students, Sue Wasiolek, expressed most schools' sentiment when she stated “Assuming it is a male and female [having sexual contact], it is the responsibility in the case of the male to gain consent.”

The new conduct regulations have resulted in dozens of male undergraduates being expelled on bogus sexual violence charges. It appears not a single female undergraduate in the United States has been expelled  for having sexual contact with an intoxicated male student.

Furthermore. a new law - the Campus Accountability & Safety Act- is now being proposed. Created by feminist Senators Kirsten Gillibrand (New York) and Claire McCaskill (Missiouri), the Campus Accountability & Safety Act (CASA) will regulate sexual assault investigations on US campuses. Alleged victims will be assigned advisors. Accused students will be assumed guilty. Campus investigators will receive indoctrination on "[sexual] consent and the role drugs or alcohol can play in the ability to consent". Gillibrand is adamant a female student cannot be accused of sexual assault when she has sexual contact with an intoxicated male. The law is aimed solely at male undergraduates. Schools not complying with CASA will be fined and have federal funds withheld.

CASA is designed to legally mass expel male students from college on bogus sexual violence charges. The impetus for this mass expulsion is a 2010 study by the firm Reach Advisors. The study concluded single women aged 22-30 outearn men of the same age group in most American cities. Reach Advisors cited college education as the main reason for the gender pay gap. Significantly more women than men earn degrees. By creating CASA, feminist hope large numbers of men can be prevented from obtaining degrees thereby allowing more women greater access to high paying jobs.

Feminist are using alcohol as a weapon against men.

March 9, 2015

New York Cheating Wife Shoots Husband In Bed

A New York husband was shot in the head as he slept in bed on November 14, 2013. He survived the incident. Initially the husband,  Ken Dearden, thought an intruder had shot him. Now, a year after the incident, he believes his cheating wife shot him in an attempt to kill him and avoid a messy divorce.

Ken Dearden said his wife had been cheating since 2011. He claims her boyfriend was pressuring her to end her 18 year long marriage. Despite the affair, Ken Dearden and his wife, Emily Dearden, were still living together with their two daughters when the shooting occurred. Even after Emily filed for divorce in August 2014, the couple continued living together.

Ken Dearden said that on the night of the shooting he went looking for Emily to take him to the hospital and found her on the floor of the family room "claiming she had been hit on the head." The house alarm was turned off a few minutes earlier. At the time of the incident, the husband told Yonkers police that he thought he'd been attacked by an intruder. When police later returned to the couple's house to investigate, they found a pair of derringers (pocket pistols) owned by the couple and determined one of them had been fired. However, the bullet taken from Ken Dearden's head was too damaged for a ballistics match. 

Emily Dearden has now been charged with attempted murder. She denies the charges and is currently free on $150,000 bail. Emily has been suspended from her job as a New York Police Department psychologist and has since moved out of the couple's house. She has been ordered to stay away from her husband  and children. The couple's daughters are currently living with their father.

What is certain in this case is that Ken Dearden played the role of a fool. Despite his wife having a boyfriend, he foolishly stayed with her. A cheating wife is typically selfish and bound to do selfish things. By staying with her, a husband is asking for trouble. A wise man would let his backstabbing wife move in with her sleazeball boyfriend. Within in a year, they would probably be cheating on each other. Meanwhile, the husband would be free of his loser wife. He would be free of all her lies, manipulation and selfishness. She would now be someone else's problem. Some men, however, 
cannot handle reality. They cannot cope with the fact their marriage is a lie. Their wives make fools of them over and over again. As Ken Dearden discovered, failing to cope with reality can be hazardous to a man's well being.

January 1, 2015