Illinois Proposes a Two Tiered Judicial System Based on Gender

An Illinois task force, which includes Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke and Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx is proposing to release large numbers of female criminals from prison. They claim female law breakers should be treated differently than male law breakers.

The Chicago Tribune writes::
"The number of women locked up in Illinois prisons would be cut by as much as half under an ambitious proposal by reform advocates who argue that the corrections system has largely ignored the needs of female inmates, many of whom suffered years of trauma, abuse or poverty before winding up behind bars."
"With 8 of every 10 female inmates in Illinois a mother and often the primary parent, their removal from society has damaging ripple effects on families and neighborhoods, experts say."
 "a 100-member all-female task force of experts, current and former prison officials and formerly incarcerated women will announce a seven-year effort to bring down by 50 percent the number of women in the Illinois Department of Corrections."
"[The group] plans to consider a wide range of options — everything from changing laws to designing more social service programs."
This proposal - by an all woman task force - is suggesting institutionalizing sexism. These women are proposing incarceration be based on gender rather than criminal actions. Many male criminals also suffered years of trauma, abuse or poverty before winding up behind bars. Many are fathers. Why should they be treated differently? Why should they be given more jail time simply because they are not female? Imagine a task force proposing jail time be based on race. Those of a certain skin color can be released earlier than other criminals. Wouldn’t that be considered discrimination? Proposing a judicial system based on gender is no different. ITS DISCRIMINATION.

The Tribune continues:
"Deanne Benos, a former Illinois corrections official who is leading the effort, told the group. “One hundred women, all women, coming together to build and plan and cut the women’s prison population by 50 percent or more.”
Uh, no Dianne. Instead, its 100 women coming together to demand special privilege.

The Chicago Tribune's lengthy, one-sided article attempts to persuade readers female criminals do not belong in jail. Prison is strictly for males.

Why is holding grown adult women accountable for their actions such a problem in this country?

If Illinois adopts the task force's recommendations of leniency for female felons, then male felons should file lawsuits for civil rights violations and sex discrimination. Lawsuits against a state's Department of Corrections are possible.

For example. convicted felon  Taylor Blanchard sued the Wyoming Department of Corrections  claiming her constitutional rights were violated. A judge had sentenced her to 6 years in prison with a recommendation for boot camp. Felons completing a boot camp program can have their sentence reduced. However, Wyoming only operates a boot camp program for men. 

Blanchard's lawsuit was ultimately dismissed by a judge but only because she completed an out of state boot camp program and subsequently had her sentence reduced. Illinois men will be in the same situation as Blanchard.

There is no valid reason criminals should have their sentenced reduced simply because they are female. Grown women should not be shielded from accountability. They are adults. They should be held responsible for their actions. They should be held to the same standard of accountability as men.

August 2, 2018

Evidence Feminism Is Sexism

The Washington Post recently published an article titled "Why can’t we hate men?"  The article was written by Suzanna Danuta Walters, a feminist professor at Northeastern University.

She writes:
"it seems logical to hate men. I can’t lie, I’ve always had a soft spot for the radical feminist smackdown, for naming the problem in no uncertain terms. I’ve rankled at the “but we don’t hate men” protestations of generations of would-be feminists and found the “men are not the problem, this system is” obfuscation too precious by half."
 Walters then makes blanket statements based on gender:
"[Globally], women experience sexual violence, and the threat of that violence permeates our choices big and small. In addition, male violence is not restricted to intimate-partner attacks or sexual assault but plagues us in the form of terrorism and mass gun violence. Women are underrepresented in higher-wage jobs, local and federal government, business, educational leadership, etc.; wage inequality continues to permeate every economy and almost every industry; "
In Walters feminist viewpoint, if a man does something wrong, anywhere in the world, then men across the globe are responsible. Feminists judge people on the basis of their gender rather than their actions. Additionally, it should be noted, studies show women are responsible for almost half of all intimate partner violence. Two such studies are here and here. Lastly, women's so called 'underrepresentation', at least in the US government, is a result of democracy. Political office is obtained by winning elections. Numerous female candidates have run for political office claiming they support feminist ideas  and demonstrate they are concerned only about women's issues. These candidates are often (but not always) defeated during elections. Perhaps if more female candidates show they can stand up to feminist hate and demonstrate they also represent men's issues, they might win elections.

The writer then cites Iceland as a country where “inequities have been radically minimized". This is an ironic choice considering Iceland has the most depressed and medically doped up population in the industrialized world.

The feminist concludes her Washington Post article by stating:
"So, in this moment, here in the land of legislatively legitimated toxic masculinity, is it really so illogical to hate men? For all the power of #MeToo and #TimesUp and the women’s marches, only a relatively few men have been called to task, and I’ve yet to see a mass wave of prosecutions or even serious recognition of wrongdoing. On the contrary, cries of “witch hunt” and the plotted resurrection of celebrity offenders came quick on the heels of the outcry over endemic sexual harassment and violence. But we’re not supposed to hate them because .?.?. #NotAllMen. I love Michelle Obama as much as the next woman, but when they have gone low for all of human history, maybe it’s time for us to go all Thelma and Louise and Foxy Brown on their collective butts."
"So men, if you really are #WithUs and would like us to not hate you for all ....Pledge to vote for feminist women only. Don’t run for office. Don’t be in charge of anything. Step away from the power. We got this. And please know that your crocodile tears won’t be wiped away by us anymore. We have every right to hate you. You have done us wrong. #BecausePatriarchy. It is long past time to play hard for Team Feminism. And win."
Voting for candidates on the basis of gender is what feminism represents. Barring people from political office because they are male is a principle of feminism. 

The sexism projected against men in this article is similar to the sexism displayed in an NBCNews article written by a different feminist. The NBCNews article claimed male brains become damaged when men are promoted into positions of authority such as management.

The Washington Post article is hate speech. It is based on feminist gender stereotypes. Men are characterized as violent, oppressive and rapists. Women are seen as victims, benevolent and harmless. The article is more evidence feminism is an ideology of sexism and hate.

June 22, 2018

Rose McGowan Shows Female Privilege Is Part Of The #MeToo Movement

Bill Clinton recently stated he believed he did not owe Monica Lewinsky an apology for their consensual affair while he was president. Their affair lasted intermittently from 1995 thru 1997.  Lewinsky was 22 years old when their relationship began.

Rose McGowan, a prominent activist within the #MeToo movement became angered by Clinton's statement. She claimed he ruined Monica Lewinsky's life.

McGowan said "Bill Clinton. Here is the truth of it:  a human life was altered & destroyed due to your selfishness.   Because.     You.    Could.   You not only wiped your semen on a young girl’s dress, you left a stain on society. You actually owe EVERYONE an apology, especially her."

Previously, the #MeToo activist claimed  22 year old Monica Lewinsky  was a kid. McGowen stated "Get real people, see truth. She (Lewinsky) was a kid. Biggest power imbalance ever. The SCARLET LETTER IS HIS."  

Why should an adult man apologize to an adult women for a consensual relationship he had with her? The idea Clinton is solely responsible for their relationship and owes Lewinsky an apology is sexist.

Rose, here is the truth of it. You dont get to claim a grown woman is not responsible for her actions. You dont get to claim a 22 year old woman should be considered a kid in the eyes of the law. Monica was not forced into a relationship. She saw fame and fortune in an affair with a US president.  She made her own decisions as an ADULT. If she regrets those decisions now - too bad. Its still not sexual assault. Its not rape. If Lweinsky had rejected the relationship, nothing would have happened to her. The US is not currently a Soviet police state. She wouldn't have been shot. She wouldn't have been shipped to a Soviet concentration camp. She wouldn't have been relieved of her intern duties. She would have continued living anonymously.

Regardless of whether the reader hates or likes Bill Clinton, the fact remains he owes Monica Lewinsky nothing. He didn't rape her. He didn't sexually assault her. He didn't ruin her life. She made her own decisions as an adult. She alone is responsible for the consequences of those decisions just as Clinton is responsible for the consequences of his decisions.

The #MeToo activist is simply blaming a man for bad decisions an adult woman made. She is asserting grown women should not be held responsible for their actions. She is claiming female freedom from consequences of bad decisions. She is claiming female privilege.

McGowan's comments show the projection of female privilege is a component of the #MeToo movement. If a woman makes a mistake, she can avoid accountability by blaming a man.

June 12, 2018