Matt Araiza Falsely Accused of Rape

Former NFL punter Matt Araiza was falsely accused of rape in 2022 before his career even began. He was, in essence kicked out of the league as a result of the false accusation as well as the gender biased reporting from news organizations like ABCnews. In this ABCnews article,  the sexist news organization presents the false rape accuser's entire allegations but offers only a few sentences of Matt Araiza statements thereby making it seem as if he is guilty.

The false accusations began, when Araiza’s name surfaced in connection with the rape allegation in at least one report made by student-athletes within days of the party to San Diego State officials through an anonymous campus reporting system. These systems were designed by feminists so that any woman can accuse any man of anything. The collegiate reporting system is more evidence that feminism is an ideology of gender bigotry.

After a 10 month investigation, the prosecutor says evidence shows Araiza was not at party during alleged gang-rape.  The entire case against him was a feminist farce. 

Ariza should sue the girl, the NFL and even the media.  Even if the girl has little money, she can still be part of the lawsuit and be forced to pay $5K or $10K as a deterrent to others. Its time to make the false rape cartel pay for their crimes.

May 10, 2023

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