The Matriarchy's Infidelity Hypocrisy

The above study by the Survey Center on American Life shows that some American women are arrogant sexists.  These women judge a cheating husband more harshly than they judge a cheating wife. These  hypocrite women see themselves as gods. They are generally the same women who who attack and criticize  the new generation of men for not wanting to get married.  Why would these men want a wife who think cheating is wrong but only for husbands?

Additionally, the American Life study stated there is a notable age gap in the judgement of marital infidelity. Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of young women say it is always morally wrong for a man to have an affair, while only about half (51 percent) say the same for a woman. The double standard among older women was not nearly as large. Thus it appears many younger American women simply arent worth committing to. These women would make rotten wives. 

Interestingly, black women do not seem to have this gender double standard. No explanation was given.

July 31, 2023

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