Hillary Rodham Clinton Will Be a Sexist President If Elected

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is campaigning on policies showing her administration will be based on sexism. She does not view all Americans as equal.

For example, Hillary claims there is a rape culture on college campus and that she plans on doing something about it. Her presidential campaign website states she will:
"Provide comprehensive support to survivors"
"Ensure a fair process for all. Too often, the process of addressing a sexual assault on campus is confusing and convoluted. Many who choose to report sexual assault in the criminal justice system fear that their voices will be dismissed instead of heard."
"Increasing prevention efforts : We should increase sexual violence prevention education programs that cover issues like consent and bystander intervention and make sure we have programs not only in college but also in secondary school"

Thus Ms. Clinton will support ‘survivors’ (typically women) but not the accused (typically men). Accused students are assumed guilty. Additionally, she believes students claiming they were sexually assaulted should be heard but those being accused should be silenced. Lastly, she wants an increase in white knight culture. According to her bystander plan, men should fight any man if a women implicates him of any sexual indiscretion. Her administration will view female students as important and male students as sexual abusers.

She supports her plan by stating “An estimated one in five women reports being sexually assaulted while in college.”

Her website goes on to say

“Hillary has led efforts to address violence against women her entire career. Hillary supported the creation of the Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women. As senator, Hillary co-sponsored the 2005 reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.” “As secretary of state, Hillary rallied the international community to take collective action to end violence against women.”
Thus, in her entire career, she has done nothing about violence against men. Nor does she consider violence against men by women as an issue of any significance. This reveals her feminist mentality that grown adult women should not be held accountable for their actions and that men are not equal to women. Greater detail of her views are presented here.

Her presidential campaign website also states

“America has taken tremendous strides when it comes to expanding opportunity for women—but many women still face barriers to entering and advancing in the workforce, and the ability of women to make their own health decisions is under assault. Hillary believes that issues that affect women’s lives are family issues, economic issues, and crucial to our future competitiveness. She has been fighting for women and girls her entire career, and she’s just getting started"
"As president, Hillary will: Work to close the pay gap. Women earn less than men across our economy—and women of color often lose out the most. We should promote pay transparency across the economy and work to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act—a bill Hillary introduced as senator—to give women the tools they need to fight discrimination in the workforce."

Hillary does not believe men’s lives are family and economic issues which are crucial to the country’s future competiveness. Her focus will be on women. Over the past three decades men’s participation in America’s labor force has steadily declined. Their ability to find permanent employment has decreased. PEW Research states “the labor market trajectory of males in the U.S. has turned downward along four dimensions: skills acquisition; employment rates; occupational stature; and real wage levels.”  Hillary has no plans to address this issue. Its not relevant to her. In her own words, she has been fighting ONLY for ‘women and girls her entire career’. Her female centric plan is shown here.

Ms. Clinton also demands women in general be paid more money. Her plan for raising women’s wages is detailed here.

Lastly, Hillary’s foreign policy will be based on feminism. Her website states:
She declared to the world that women’s rights are human rights".
"As secretary of state, Hillary worked to bring down barriers that stop women and girls from reaching their potential. She championed programs to advance women’s economic participation, address gender-based violence, and elevate the status of women and girls around the world.”
"Hillary created the first ever ambassador-at-large for global women’s issues—now a permanent position within the State Department—to ensure that women’s issues are always at the cornerstone of our country’s foreign policy."
Under Hillary, American foreign policy will not be based on the security and economic advancement of the country. Instead, it will be based on the status of women in foreign territory. Additionally, Ms. Clinton has no program advancing men’s economic participation nor addressing gender based violence against men anywhere in the world. Men’s rights are not seen as human rights neither abroad nor at home. More of her administration’s proposed focus is seen here.

Much of Ms. Clinton’s domestic and foreign policies will be based on how they affect women. American men are simply an afterthought. This is why she stated on MSNBC March 14, 2016
“We’ve got to continue to support the Libyan people to give them a chance. Because, otherwise, you see what’s happened in Syria with the consequences of millions of people flooding out of Syria, with more than 250,000 people killed, with terrorist groups like ISIS taking up a huge swath of territory as big as some of the states in the area. Libya was a different kind of calculation and we didn’t lose a single person.”
Libya has become a mess because of her lack of foresight concerning the country’s chaos after Gaddafi’s elimination. Furthermore, we did lose people!. Four Americans were killed when their consulate in Benghazi was stormed by terrorists. Since all those lost were men, it did not register on Hillary’s feminist brain that they were of any significance.

Hillary Clinton views herself as a representative of female voters – particularly white suburban female voters. She simply doesn’t represent men. That’s why she has no plan to address false rape accusations on college campuses. She also has no plan addressing low male college graduation rates nor a plan reversing the downward trend of men’s employment in the labor market. She has no interest in helping men obtain new job skills for the changing economy. She has no intention of altering the anti-male family court system nor enacting any type of paternity fraud legislation. Her interest is in women ONLY. She is a feminist.

For men, Hillary Clinton is not the answer. In fact, her sexist mentality is part of the problem.

October 27, 2016

Maryland Courts Protect Domestic Abusers

A married couple in LanHam, Maryland  got into an argument at their home on the 9400 block of Worrell Avenue. According to Prince George's County police,  the husband, Fragoso-Duana, 36, then walked away from the home.  His wife, Araceli Alvarez-Mendoza, 37, subsequently followed him in an SUV, drove alongside him for a bit and then ran him over with her vehicle.

A man witnessing the domestic incident called 911. According to the Washington Post, the caller told a 911 operator “Oh, my God, I can’t believe I witnessed that.  A man was running down the road and a truck just ran him over on purpose and the truck is sitting on top of him.”  A Washington DC news station, WUSA9, stated a security camera video "appears to show Alvarez-Mendoza intentionally accelerating toward her husband, who is running away. After being struck the vehicle continues to drag the victim until it strikes a tree."  Alvarez-Mendoza’s husband was trapped under the SUV and died at the scene.

Araceli Alvarez-Mendoza, 38, was recently sentenced to a mere 6 years in jail for this deadly domestic assault.

In the city of Laurel, another wife, Marquita Berry-Sutton, stabbed her husband, Johnnie Sutton III, 121 times. He died at the scene. The wife claimed her husband was about to sexually assault her, though there is no history of domestic attacks. Johnnie Sutton was unable to state his side of the story because he was dead. Marquita was convicted of murder and sentenced to only 10 years in prison.

When husbands assault their wives, the sentencing outcome is vastly different.

A Gaithersburg husband killed his wife in July 2014. Montgomery County police said the husband, Cola Beale, called around 10:30 a.m. on July 27 and said he had grabbed his wife and “swung her down the stairs.” He told police he saw blood coming from his wife’s head, but that she was still breathing when he left the residence. When police arrived she was dead. Beale was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

 A St Mary's County husband, Ryan Holness, wanted to divorce his wife Serika Holness.  He obtained a $500,000 life insurance policy on his wife and made himself the sole beneficiary. With the help of a friend, Mr Holness then stabbed his wife to death in a remote area of Kent County. For his crime, Ryan Holness was sentenced to life in prison. His friend, Dellando Recardo Campbell, was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

In 2012, Robert Jarrett of Elkridge was arrested for killing his wife in 1991. In August 2013, he was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Statewide, only one domestic abuse case was discovered where a violent wife was sentenced to a similar lengthy prison term. Jaclyn Martin of Dundalk was sentenced in 2012 to 60 years in prison for the murder of her husband.

Murdering a wife is judicially a more serious crime than murdering a husband in the state of Maryland. The reason for this sexist double standard is feminism.

Feminist groups such as Court Watch Montgomery, House of Ruth and many other organizations work closely with the state's judicial system.  When a wife commits domestic abuse, these feminist organizations urge her to claim she was raped, or abused, or her husband's murder was an accident, or her husband threatened the kids, or a host of other lies. Using this fraudulent claim, feminists then persuade and apply political pressure against both prosecutor and judge to lessen any potential punishment against the violent wife. In Araceli Alvarez-Mendoza's case, the claim used was 'she accidentally ran over her husband' - despite the fact a witness asserted otherwise.

When husbands committing domestic violence use similar excuses, these same organizations threaten sex discrimination lawsuits against Maryland jurisdictions. Feminists state a husband can never have an excuse for killing his wife.

Within this state's legal system, domestic abusers are not really judged on the basis of their actions. Instead, they are judged and sentenced on the basis of their gender.  It’s as if Araceli Alvarez-Mendoza sprinkled magical female pixie dust on her husband while she ran over him thereby making his murder not so bad. Feminism is an ideology of sexism. It needs to be removed from Maryland's judicial process.

October 10, 2016