Average Life Expectancy of Men in USA

Recently, the USAToday expressed rage that men are increasing their life expectancy at a higher rate than women in the USA.

A report by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), a health research center at the University of Washington showed the average lifespan for American men improved by 4.6 years, but only by 2.7 years for women. In 2010, life expectancy for American men was 76.2 years while it was 81.1 years for American women.

The news organization exclaimed this is cause for alarm.

Why? What is so wrong about men eventually living as long as women?

Even worse, Ali Mokdad, director of the research team said "A gain in life expectancy should be equal among men and women," "This is a wake-up call for all of us." It is ridiculous for a medical professional to make such a feminist statement. The only wake up call needed is for the medical field to weed out feminism. They should be trying to eliminate the gender gap in life expectancy not preserve it. No biological reason has ever been clearly identified for gender differences in average lifespan in the USA. The medical establishment once thought testosterone had a toxic effect on the human body while estrogen protected it against disease thereby allowing women to live longer. This theory was based on feminist ideology not biological science. Using estrogen in the treatment of disease has been a failure.  The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute states "Estrogen-alone therapy [for women] increased the risk for stroke and venous thrombosis (blood clot, usually in one of the deep veins of the legs). It had no effect on heart disease and colorectal cancer, and an uncertain effect on breast cancer."

Science says smoking, excess alcohol, stress and obesity  are major factors affecting human lifespan. In the past, men smoked more, drank more and had more stressful work than women. This impacted their longevity. Today, in the USA, women are smoking more, binge drinking and obtaining more stressful jobs. These factors are slowing women's life expectancy gains, not neglect by the medical profession as Mokdad implies.

Additionally, obesity is a growing problem among women. Obese women outnumber anorexic women by approximately 9 to 1 in the USA.  Yet the medical establishment focuses on anorexic not obesity. The reason for this focus appears to be feminism. Generally, males are unattracted to heavy women. Feminist view this unattractiveness as a benefit for women. Thus, feminists lobby the medical community against the seriousness of obesity in women.

A valid concern is how will feminist use this IHME report. Will they use it to lobby for increasing research on women's health and decreasing research on men's health?

April 30, 2012

Should Men Get Married Anymore

Should men get married anymore? Increasingly men are disinterested in marriage. The media has responded with a widespread "Man-Up" crusade advocating guys grow up, act responsible and become husbands. Yet at the same time, anti husband campaigns are conducted throughout America. Currently, the mass media is in the midst of one such campaign.

A new book titled "The Richer Sex" by Liza Mundy has been championed by FoxNews, MSNBC, Time Magazine, CNN, Huffington Post and a whole host of other major news outlets. Its author claims marriages will soon be wife controlled. Husbands will be subordinate.

According to Mundy, 38% OF wives outearn their husbands. She said this percentage is increasing and soon women will become the primary earners in most American households. When this happens, the author claims married relationships will radically alter. The driving force behind this change is said to be education. Women are the majority of college graduates and now earn the majority of masters degrees and PhDs. They are reaping the financial benefit while guys are stagnating.

Mundy and the media claims breadwinning wives will have most of the power in future marriages. Increasingly husbands will need to make sacrifices, according to the author, and stay home so their breadwinning wives can excel. Also, these wives will feel entitled to pampering since they are earning the largest percentage - if not 100% - of the families income. Mundy writes “Women will wonder whether they deserve perks in return for being breadwinners, and in their heart of hearts, they will answer: Yes. Yes I do.” Helping out with housework is not an option for the breadwinning wife. These responsibilities are said to be primarily the husbands. One stay at home husband is quoted: “I have told Susie several times that my job is to make her life easier. And I like doing it.” The author said the husband "is happy to listen to the workday accounts" and problems of his wife. As more men discover the joys of domesticity, Mundy says,“man-caves will become a thing of the past, because the whole house will become a man-cave.”

Neither Mundy nor the American media see marriage as a partnership. Instead they view it as a dictatorship. A husband's purpose is catering to his wife's whims, doing housework and listening to his wife's troubles. Conversely, the "breadwinning" wife does very little housework. Its beneath her. Helping her husband is considered sacrilegious. After her long day at work, coming home and listening to her husband's problems is NOT on her schedule. She demands pampering.

The American media's emphasis that a breadwinning wife should do minimal housework is pure sexism. ABCNews, NBC, CNN, FoxNews, CBS Newsweek and TIME Magazine continuously demand working husbands do 50% of the housework. So why should it be different for a working wife? The American media is run like a good ole girl country club with an entrenched female chauvinist culture. In other words, the American media is feminist.

According to "The Richer Sex", marriage’s future is a wife dictatorship.

Liza Mundy has a son. The author should be asked if she aspires for him to marry a breadwinning wife and cater to her whims. Does she hope he becomes a subordinate husband to a self centered working wife?

Additionally, the reason women earn more college degrees is because America's education is run by feminists. Organizations such as The Women's Law Center and the American Association of University Women write guidelines which the US Department Of Education almost always adopts. These guidelines are designed to ensure Curriculum is female oriented and that the least number of males advance into higher education. Women also have more financial aid available to them than men and college polices make it easy for schools to kick men out on false rape charges. American education is highly female chauvinist.

Mundy also states the marriage rate for wealthy women has actually risen whereas for all other classes of women it has fallen. She writes "men may be readier to cede their role as breadwinner than they are given credit for". TIME claims men are attracted to high earning wives and will compete for them.

The reality is most men actually don’t value their wife's job. WHAT THEY VALUE IS HOW THEIR WIFE TREATS THEM. However, the feminist family court system has forced an artificial premium on a prospective wife's finances. The dwindling number of men willing to marry are choosing upper class wives as a shield from Family Court.

Husbands are discriminated against and despised by the feminist Family judicial system. They are often ordered to pay large child support payments with hidden alimony to their ex wives and denied access to their children based on false abuse claims. However, judges will have a hard time justifying child support/ alimony payments to a high salary "breadwinning" wife. Thus, husbands can survive divorce financially unscathed.

And to the growing horror of feminists, many stay at home dads are now demanding alimony and child support from their breadwinning ex-wives during divorce. THEY ARE DEMANDING TO BE TREATED EXACTLY THE SAME AS ANY WOMEN WHO DIVORCES HER WORKING HUSBAND. However, most courts still balk at this idea. As of 2007 only 13% of child support payers are women. Feminist oriented judges continue to view husbands as their wives' property.

A final Mundy claim is that in future relationships (including those not married) , women will require men to dress well and shape up. However, if men request the same of women, she states, their request will be declined.

Mundy is delusional. Unless a man has low self esteem, he is likely to reply rather "unpleasantly" as he sends the royal princess hurdling - quite rapidly - toward the proverbial curb.

The American media's campaign promoting "The Richer Sex" is similar to its recent promotion of the book "Secret Lives of Wives". That book claimed the secret to remaining married is for wives to have boyfriends with boundaries.

In fact, in America, there is continuous reinforcement of the notion husbands should be mistreated and subordinate. This notion along with the anti husband court system and legalized paternity fraud have caused record numbers of American men to reject the idea of becoming a husband. (Note: The same also appears to be happening in Britain and Australia). American marriage rates have fallen sharply during the last 25 years of feminist domination. In 2010, the rate was 51% - the lowest ever recorded.

Soon - for the first time in history - when American men ask themselves "Should I get married" a majority will answer "NO".

April 2, 2012