Should Men Get Married Anymore

Should men get married anymore? Increasingly men are disinterested in marriage. The media has responded with a widespread "Man-Up" crusade advocating guys grow up, act responsible and become husbands. Yet at the same time, anti husband campaigns are conducted throughout America. Currently, the mass media is in the midst of one such campaign.

A new book titled "The Richer Sex" by Liza Mundy has been championed by FoxNews, MSNBC, Time Magazine, CNN, Huffington Post and a whole host of other major news outlets. Its author claims marriages will soon be wife controlled. Husbands will be subordinate.

According to Mundy, 38% OF wives outearn their husbands. She said this percentage is increasing and soon women will become the primary earners in most American households. When this happens, the author claims married relationships will radically alter. The driving force behind this change is said to be education. Women are the majority of college graduates and now earn the majority of masters degrees and PhDs. They are reaping the financial benefit while guys are stagnating.

Mundy and the media claims breadwinning wives will have most of the power in future marriages. Increasingly husbands will need to make sacrifices, according to the author, and stay home so their breadwinning wives can excel. Also, these wives will feel entitled to pampering since they are earning the largest percentage - if not 100% - of the families income. Mundy writes “Women will wonder whether they deserve perks in return for being breadwinners, and in their heart of hearts, they will answer: Yes. Yes I do.” Helping out with housework is not an option for the breadwinning wife. These responsibilities are said to be primarily the husbands. One stay at home husband is quoted: “I have told Susie several times that my job is to make her life easier. And I like doing it.” The author said the husband "is happy to listen to the workday accounts" and problems of his wife. As more men discover the joys of domesticity, Mundy says,“man-caves will become a thing of the past, because the whole house will become a man-cave.”

Neither Mundy nor the American media see marriage as a partnership. Instead they view it as a dictatorship. A husband's purpose is catering to his wife's whims, doing housework and listening to his wife's troubles. Conversely, the "breadwinning" wife does very little housework. Its beneath her. Helping her husband is considered sacrilegious. After her long day at work, coming home and listening to her husband's problems is NOT on her schedule. She demands pampering.

The American media's emphasis that a breadwinning wife should do minimal housework is pure sexism. ABCNews, NBC, CNN, FoxNews, CBS Newsweek and TIME Magazine continuously demand working husbands do 50% of the housework. So why should it be different for a working wife? The American media is run like a good ole girl country club with an entrenched female chauvinist culture. In other words, the American media is feminist.

According to "The Richer Sex", marriage’s future is a wife dictatorship.

Liza Mundy has a son. The author should be asked if she aspires for him to marry a breadwinning wife and cater to her whims. Does she hope he becomes a subordinate husband to a self centered working wife?

Additionally, the reason women earn more college degrees is because America's education is run by feminists. Organizations such as The Women's Law Center and the American Association of University Women write guidelines which the US Department Of Education almost always adopts. These guidelines are designed to ensure Curriculum is female oriented and that the least number of males advance into higher education. Women also have more financial aid available to them than men and college polices make it easy for schools to kick men out on false rape charges. American education is highly female chauvinist.

Mundy also states the marriage rate for wealthy women has actually risen whereas for all other classes of women it has fallen. She writes "men may be readier to cede their role as breadwinner than they are given credit for". TIME claims men are attracted to high earning wives and will compete for them.

The reality is most men actually don’t value their wife's job. WHAT THEY VALUE IS HOW THEIR WIFE TREATS THEM. However, the feminist family court system has forced an artificial premium on a prospective wife's finances. The dwindling number of men willing to marry are choosing upper class wives as a shield from Family Court.

Husbands are discriminated against and despised by the feminist Family judicial system. They are often ordered to pay large child support payments with hidden alimony to their ex wives and denied access to their children based on false abuse claims. However, judges will have a hard time justifying child support/ alimony payments to a high salary "breadwinning" wife. Thus, husbands can survive divorce financially unscathed.

And to the growing horror of feminists, many stay at home dads are now demanding alimony and child support from their breadwinning ex-wives during divorce. THEY ARE DEMANDING TO BE TREATED EXACTLY THE SAME AS ANY WOMEN WHO DIVORCES HER WORKING HUSBAND. However, most courts still balk at this idea. As of 2007 only 13% of child support payers are women. Feminist oriented judges continue to view husbands as their wives' property.

A final Mundy claim is that in future relationships (including those not married) , women will require men to dress well and shape up. However, if men request the same of women, she states, their request will be declined.

Mundy is delusional. Unless a man has low self esteem, he is likely to reply rather "unpleasantly" as he sends the royal princess hurdling - quite rapidly - toward the proverbial curb.

The American media's campaign promoting "The Richer Sex" is similar to its recent promotion of the book "Secret Lives of Wives". That book claimed the secret to remaining married is for wives to have boyfriends with boundaries.

In fact, in America, there is continuous reinforcement of the notion husbands should be mistreated and subordinate. This notion along with the anti husband court system and legalized paternity fraud have caused record numbers of American men to reject the idea of becoming a husband. (Note: The same also appears to be happening in Britain and Australia). American marriage rates have fallen sharply during the last 25 years of feminist domination. In 2010, the rate was 51% - the lowest ever recorded.

Soon - for the first time in history - when American men ask themselves "Should I get married" a majority will answer "NO".

April 2, 2012


Juwan said...

They want me to be a kept man. Gee, I cant wait. Feminism is nothing but a toxic and grasping ideology, based on a set of lies, constantly on the lookout for privilege.

Sarah said...

I agree with Anonymous. These women are a disgrace to the rest of us ladies. Personally, I believe that we should all be equal, but men will always have higher authority. I still believe men should be breadwinners, and women to be the caregiver. I mean, we gave birth to them, and we breastfeed; they're our children! I don't want to walk out on them while the husband takes care of them. I'm the one who bore them for 9 months.

This sexism needs to end. Why can't things go back to the way they used to be? Why must these feminists be so go**amn hard on men? >:(

Anonymous said...

I am a 42 year old man who has worked for several law firms. I have been thinking over the last decade or so relative to why my male friends get/got married.

After I finished law school several guy friends woke up after starting to practice law and found that the wife they thought was supportive wanted a divorce. SURPRISE!!! The "supportive" woman facade was just that....a facade. And it's happened repeatedly. I've seen it in clients lives and with friends. There are definitely patterns in the relationships when the woman just, apparently wakes up, and wants out of the marriage. Now there are two sides to every divorce. Understood. But it's hard for me to deny what I read in the case files. Even reading case files in a light most favorable to the wife, who filed the action, many times I just don't see legitimate reasons for ending a marriage.

The clients and my friends are big boys and deal with the situation. But I the larger question is "do we want to allow divorce actions that are highly calculated to increase child support payments and alimony" or are we, as a society better than that? My Furthermore, why should a man get married in the United States where child support laws are so onerous? In my circle of friends we discuss this at least a few times a year when someone's child support payments get increased. You're comments are welcomed. I'm listening.....

Oh, and I've passed on the concept of marriage in MY life. It just doesn't seem to make sense financially. And I've seen enough divorce settlements to understand that the deck is clearly stacked against men in a divorce proceeding relative to custody orders.

As I head toward retirement, I'm not sure I want to give away my a large portion of my money for some companionship. Wait a minute....that's not called marriage.....It's the oldest profession in the world! When, a married partner man or woman, in a "calculated" fashion, stays in a marriage for the monetary benefit to be derived at the time of divorce, it clearly changes the tenor of the relationship and the "marriage" ceases to exist even before the divorce action is filed with the court.

And that's apparently how we want it in the United States. There are very few movements to change state laws relative to this. So I believe that's why you are seeing the decline in marriage. And rightfully so. Men are seeing the negatives implications more clearly now. I don't like the way that our culture is moving, but it's near undeniable at this point.

Your thoughts?

Rob said...

@Anonymous 4/20/2012

My thoughts are identical to yours. There are decent wives out there however you can never really know what type a wife you have until maybe 5 years after the fact. This makes marriage too risky for men because if divorce occurs, by default, the courts assume its the husband's fault. The wife gets all the judicial support, the husband gets a kick in the ass. Even paternity fraud is legal in most of the US and the West in general.
Marriage, for men, is like going to Vegas, with all your life savings & possessions and placing them down on the roulette table for one bet. You might win but if you don't, you've lost everything. Why bother taking such a massive risk when there are other life alternatives.

LBK said...

Whenever I overhear married women talking about their husbands, it makes me glad that I am not a husband. The disrespect and contempt theses women have for their husbands is appalling. I will never get married.

Anonymous said...

Men married women to have children and families. That has been destroyed by women. I wouldn't ever consider marrying an American women(most men hate their wife's). If a men is in dire need of constant companionship. I would suggest going to Asia and getting a wife that understands the definition of loyalty.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why it must be that the person who earns the most rules the marriage. That isn't marriage. That's control. "women" didn't destroy anything, any more than "men" in general did.

If you're a man, and you're currently making the women you love (or could/should/would love) pay for the mistakes of EVERY woman, then shame on you. Likewise to women who are treating men like this.

I married my husband because I was fricking IN LOVE with the dork. He's awful. He drinks, smokes, and watches too much tv. He throws crap everywhere and always forgets to say thank you. But I STILL love him. I gave up college to be with him and focus on having his beautiful children. I refuse to leave them at home alone, because he has expressed to me the desire that I be the only person to raise them. I do this because I love and respect him and his beliefs, and because he's an incredibly smart and logical man. For someone to tell me that "women" of which I am a member have ruined marriage is an INSULT. I am busting my ass, in grateful humility, living on a GUITAR PLAYER'S SALARY with a big smile on my face because I'm with the man I love. I have never cheated and never will.

But maybe you're right. Maybe we are ruining marriage. The common denominator in all of your bad relationships is YOU. If you think all women suck, PICK DIFFERENT WOMEN. Or continue blaming all of us because you choose crappy partners.

Simply illogical.

Rob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rob said...

@ Anonymous Aug 1
Men aren't writing books - championed by the national media - promoting marriage as a husband dictatorship. ITS WOMEN writing books promoting the idea marriage should be a wife dictatorship. Men aren't writing books stating the secret to a long marriage is having girlfriends with boundaries. ITS WOMEN WRITING books emphasising wives should have boyfriends with boundaries. And these WOMEN'S book are championed by the national media as "the way things should be".
Additionally the American Family courts are run by feminist WOMEN. It is much easier for a women to get rid of her rotten husband than it is for a man to get rid of his rotten wife.
Finally, men are sick of the double standard (appearing in women's literature as well as the national media) that when a husband cheats, its his fault and when a WIFE CHEATS, ITS ALSO THE HUSBAND'S FAULT. He must have caused her to cheat. Its time for grown women to be held accountable for their actions.

Anonymous said...

BOTH men AND women need to be held accountable for their actions.

Cheating is never okay. Men still have a higher percentage of reported cheating in marriages, but now some women are encouraging other women to cheat and the number of cheating women is steadily increasing. Two wrongs don't make a right! The cause of cheating is NARCISSISM (inordinate love of self), not the person's spouse.

Women need to RESPECT their husbands. Men want to be respected as much as women want to be loved. Respecting your husband will sometimes mean doing something you don't want to do; get over yourself (unless he is asking you to do something illegal or sinful, which is almost never the case). It is better for the family to stay together than to divorce over a petty disagreement. And stop with the gossiping! No trash-talking your husband when he's not in the room. If you have a problem, speak with him directly.

Men need to love/cherish their wives. This, too, means doing things you don't always want to do. Take out the trash for her. Get her some flowers or whatever she likes every once in a while, not just the cliche dates (birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day). Take her out on date nights.

I disagree about the 50% of the housework rule. Marriage is a partnership where both spouses need to contribute equally. It isn't okay for a man to sit back and do no housework when he gets off work, and it's not okay for the woman to do that, either. Housework requires more hours than a day job, so the woman can do housework and care for any children, and then when the husband comes home he can help her so it gets done twice as quickly and they have time for themselves and their marriage. Only when both spouses are working full-time (same number of hours) should the 50% rule apply.

Last, but not least, your spouse needs to come FIRST in a marriage. Not the kids. Yes, you need to provide for the needs of your children (food, shelter, clothing, take them to school), but too many marriages are failing because there isn't enough couple time or because they put the kids' wants first. People are shocked that, after spending very little time alone together, they grew apart over the years. "Well, duh!" Guess who is still going to be there when the kids are grown and moved out? YOUR SPOUSE!

Anonymous said...

very hard to find a good woman nowadays, especially one that doesn't cheat.

Anonymous said...

it is certainly the women that cheat so much more than many of us men do, so meeting a good woman nowadays to settle down is very hard these days. the women of years ago were certainly much more better educated, and very committed to their men even when he didn't make that much money. much men as well, were very committed too. women have become so very hard too meet today, since many of them think that they are GOD'S gift to men. most of the women seem to want the RICH men today, unlike years ago when they ACCEPTED their men for who he was. their attitude has certainly changed for the WORSE too, adding to the problem.

Anonymous said...

there aren't that many good women to choose from anymore nowadays for us good men, is there?

Anonymous said...

Not really.divorce gives women everything even if there in wrong doing.not saying im perfect but they are the cause of divorce. Im done with marriage.I worked to hard and lost to much because of them.seems men messup they get hung.women messup up they say marriage counselor. To the women these days you deserve nothing the way to treat men.not saying all bad but dam near close to it.

Anonymous said...

It is total .bs.Men are getting screwed by the courts, and society as a whole.Marriage used to be a safe haven to start and raise families, but evil, hateful feminists have turned marriage into haven for women to commit fraud and theft, and also paternity fraud and also untrue rape and child molestation accusations.Not to mention the fact that men are also victims of domestic violence as well.So all of this is a perfect storm for men to get the shaft in divorce/family court.It astounds me that when women cheat and get caught, they have the nerve to get angry and play the victim.They file for frivolous divorce because they are "bored" or "unhappy", and then they wonder why men are not getting married anymore.Men are getting screwed financially in divorce court, they are getting screwed in family court, and having to pay ungodly amounts of alimony and child support.I see no incentives for men to get married these days.Unless things are changed, you will continue to see the decline of marriage rates.It is time for feminism to go away forever.It is a cancerous scourge on the world today.It is also time for feminists and women to be held accountable for their actions, and their huge role in the breakdown of modern society.Then,and only then can we begin to rectify the devastation that feminism has wrought.It is time to take a fresh and honest look at feminism, and what role it has in the world today.

Anonymous said...

Too very Risky for many of us Good men that have been there and done that already.

Anonymous said...

I am a man, Married 1 time for 34 years, still married raised 3 kids, I still love my wife, If I were starting out now in todays world I would not marry, I tell my boys this too, none of my children are married, aged 31, 26, 21, I tell my boys and daughter to be very careful out their! My boys tell me about the girls they see out their it does not look good for the furture of marriage! Good luck and god bless

Anonymous said...

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Rob said...

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No problem. U can link to as many post as you want. Once its on the internet, its fair game - whether good or bad.

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