False Rape at Ohio State University

A drunk couple, both 20-year-old students from Ohio State University, were videoed by onlookers in a sex act against the window of a bank on the morning of Oct. 12. The couple were not aware they were being recorded. The explicit video was then circulated via social media by the onlookers. Thereafter, the woman told police she was a victim of a sexual assault. 

Local prosecutor Keller Blackburn said the video showed the woman smiling during the incident. It also showed the man asking if he should stop and the woman telling him to continue. Afterwords, the students went to the man’s apartment. They stayed there for three hours before he walked her home. Blackburn said testing showed no sign of any “date rape drug,”.

The female student obviously committed rape fraud. She wanted to be the best party head she could be without having any responsibility for her actions. However, once the embarrassing incident became public, she falsely accused her partner of rape.

This type of mentality is all too common in America's growing false rape culture. It is a culture created by feminist organizations such as the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and supported by the US Department of Education.  Many of the Department's student behavior guidelines are based entirely on sexual harassment definitions and behavior codes issued by the AAUW. Any learning institution not following these guidelines is sued by the National Women's Law Center.  The guidelines are often founded in female chauvinism (ie feminism). For example, as discussed in 2011, under the “preponderance of the evidence" guideline, if 2 drunk students have sex and the female latter regrets it, the incident is classified as sexual assault. The male student can be kicked out of college. This means the drunk male student is responsible for both his and the female student's behavior. Furthermore, if its the male student who latter regrets having sex (for example with an ugly girl) it is classified as nothing. No actions can be taken against the female student.  Lastly, the “preponderance of the evidence" guideline does NOT apply to false rape. 

Feminist, however, had underestimated the level of male anger at their legalized sexism. They thought the new generation of men would be as docile and obedient as the previous generation of men.

After viewing the Ohio video, many male students were angered that the women falsely accused her partner of rape. Their anger only intensified when larger websites such as Thinkprogress.org, Buzzfeed.com and the always female chauvinist Cafemom.com posted articles supporting the idea the incident was a case of sexual assault. Several Men's Rights Activists (MRAs) subsequently posted the name of the woman they thought committed the rape fraud. Men began focusing their rage upon this student.  The female student then deactivated all of her social media accounts, didn't leave her sorority house for days, and asked the University to excuse her from classes. Most commenters appear 90% certain the female student committing false rape was correctly identified. However 90% is not 100%. Even the MRA's who originally identified her are not 100% certain they are correct. Additionally, the women claims she was not involved in the incident. 

Her name should not have been released.

Suppose she is innocent. Why should an innocent women pay for the crimes of a different woman? These MRA's, though well intentioned, reacted emotionally and let their anger get the best of them. The correct strategy in all potential false rape cases is to wait and see what happens. Observe how the man is being treated by the police, the judicial system, the University and finally the media. If he receives abuse and discrimination from these entities and is wrongly convicted or expelled thats when MRA's /Anti feminists should move into the offensive. Under these circumstances, the women making the false accusation should be identified. If this cannot be done with 100% certainty, then MRA"s/AF's should hit back at the organizations shielding the criminal or promoting rape fraud. This would include people such as the local police, chief, local prosecutor, dean of students or university president, journalists and prominent websites. Point out their sexism and hypocrisy. When enough people are educated about the sexist nature of these entities then the real revolution to overthrow the ruling feminist yoke can begin.

The Ohio State University incident demonstrates there is a growing rape fraud culture on American campuses. It is a culture fostered by the AAUW and the "Preponderance of the evidence" guideline. Many women believe they can party away without being responsible for their actions. If they do something regrettable they can blame a man. The feminist guideline that drunk men are responsible for drunk women's behavior needs to be overthrown. Any University practicing this principle should be sued on grounds of sex discrimination.

The Ohio student who made the false rape accusation should be kicked out of school.

November 5, 2013

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