Video Game Stance Shows Feminists Are Sexist

Feminist Anita Sarkeesian has received much attention from the media over the last 6 months. She is attacking the video gaming industry claiming its a sexist old boys club. Sarkeesian states "Change is coming to gaming".

Sarkeesian is demanding women characters not be portrayed as big breasted sexy females. Rather, she wants them portrayed as great, strong willed and independent characters with complex personalities and small breast. She claims many of the female representations in today's games symbolize sexist male fantasies. She believes changing gaming is important because "Popular media culture--for better or worse--is currently where the learning is happening, and that means that movies, TV, music, books, and video games are helping to shape our collective cultural universe. It's in everyone's interests to make sure that air is not polluted with poisonous sexism so that we don't all end up with hideous misogynist [anti women] mutations growing out of the back of our collective heads." Over $150,000 has thus far been donated to her cause.

Anita Sarkeesian statements are female chauvinist - in other words they are feminist. She demands women be shown only as a force of good. She wants to maintain the obsolete idea of women as "all honorable". Only men can be bad or evil characters. Currently, the gaming industry has very few female villains. Therefore, it is already practicing female chauvinism (more commonly called feminism). If the industry has to change then this is the area that needs changing.

Where are the evil female characters? In the real world, women have lied, cheated, committed paternity fraud, robbed, shot people, committed acts of domestic violence, acts of terrorism and blown up passenger jets. The idea all women are honest  & holy is a feminist myth. It is sexist. It perpetrates the obsolete feminist idea women should be up on a pedestal and worshiped as gods. The new generation of men are simply sick and tired of hearing that women are all good.

Also, many games have only female characters with big breast & minimal clothing. Sarkeesian claims they are male chauvinist fantasies.  She wants them changed. Fair enough. The industry, was simply taking into account the vast majority of players are male. Having some characters based on male fantasies makes marketing sense. However, notice when a Duke University female student created a Powerpoint slide with photos, names & sexual ranking of various men she dated, it was feminists who defended her. They claimed it was funny. When Ivillage (a predominately women's site) conducted a survey comparing the sexual skills of husbands to ex boyfriends, these "women activist" thought it was enlightening.  They accepted the survey even though comparing wives to ex girlfriends was forbidden. When the Android App "Boyfriend Trainer" was created feminists thought it was lighthearted. Training a boyfriend to be obedient is entertaining. In summary, feminist endorse entertainment or websites oriented toward women. However, when the tables are turned, their sexist hypocrisy is displayed.

Female characters in video games need to change. The most important change is ending the sexist idea of woman as only good. Criticism that female villains won't sell is a lie. The main antagonist in Lara Croft was a female. This game was highly successful selling millions of copies and spawning at least 10 sequels. Programmers have many real world examples of unscrupulous businesswomen, female politicians and wives for use as models for female villains. Some of these new characters can be shown as small breasted average looking women.

Feminism's sexist philosophy that evil is only male should have no place in the 21st century gaming industry.

January 2, 2013


AtypicalMontreal said...

I find it particularly interesting how you unknowingly agree with Anita Sarkeesian. Perhaps you should take a closer look at what is being said by her...

Let's start with the portrayal of 'big breasted sexy females' and your assumption that Anita Sarkeesian wants 'great, strong willed and independent characters with complex personalities and small breast.' Well, You got most of it correct, but your inclusion of the size of their breasts tells that you just don't get it... Firstly, I've been doing a lot of research on the topic and I actually haven't seen anywhere that Anita has called for 'smaller breasts' on video game characters. What she has called for is the removal of the objectification of women in video games and pop-culture media.

You know, as in women are always the damsel in distress and men are the only ones who can come to their rescue. Women who stand around like brainless idiots in games and ask you to find their tequila during a zombie infestation just so they can continue to party because isn't that what any normal 21 year old girl would do? (Zombie Island)

And actually, I really like how you agree with her stance on how women should not always be shown as a force of good! It's great that you agree with her although you completely miss why you agree with her. Anita actually is in fact asking for evil female characters! How wonderful a game would be where the end-game boss isn't just a man with giant machine guns attached to his arms for once, right? Well, the problem is that women are always portrayed as either seductive and their only powers are overly sexualized and have to do only with the fact that men tremble to their sexuality (Poison Ivy), or the woman is scary ugly (Gruntilda from Banjo-Kazooie). Never has Anita said that all women are honest or holy, but we all hear what we want to hear, right?

I'd like to hear where your statistics come from on the 'vast majority' of players being male. According to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), women actually comprise of 40% of U.S. gamers. Sure, there's a majority of male games, but the difference is not nearly large enough to be 'vast' as you say. Perhaps a little research is required before you post onto your blog to back up your claims and maybe a source or two?

Also, what does this entire article on Anita Sarkeesian and the female portrayal of video games have ANYTHING to do with a completely irrelevant incident that happened at Duke University?

I suggest you take a day or two to truly think about your blog and your purpose in life... Maybe take up a new hobby. Writing in blogs does not seem to be your forte.

Rob said...

Anita is asking for evil female characters?? It took me 15 minutes to stop laughing over this one sentence alone. Duke University? It emphasizes what hypocrites you feminist are. Anway, glad you liked this post.

Anonymous said...

Get ready for me to blow your mind and tell you to stop licking Anita's vag: