Discrimination Against Men in New York City's Criminal Sentencing Program

New York City is starting a new criminal sentencing arrangement called JusticeHome. The program requires leniency for female felons thus initiating more discrimination against men within the judicial system.  Created  by the Women’s Prison Association, the program allows some female criminals who plead guilty avoid prison sentences. Instead, these women will remain in their homes with their children. They will periodically report to court and will also be visited several times weekly by case managers so they can receive supervision and guidance about jobs, education, their homes and children. Men who commit the same crime, however, will NOT receive the convenience of house arrest. They will be required to serve their sentence behind bars.

This gender biased sentencing is based on the traditional feminist idea that women can do no evil therefore any negative actions they commit are not their fault. Many female chauvinists (more commonly called feminists) have become alarmed at the rising numbers of female criminals behind bars. It threatens their propaganda that women are the "fair sex" and  crime is a male activity.

However, crime statistics are now beginning to show that women are not the benevolent gods feminist make them out to be. From 2004 to 2008 arrests for females increased 5.1 percent whereas arrest for males increased only 0.6 percent. Data from the period of 1995 thru  2005 shows female crimes expanded at an annual rate of 4.6%.  And more ominously, according to "TheFutureofChildren.org", girls are committing more crimes than ever before. Between 1985 and 2002, the overall number of delinquency cases for girls increased 92 percent—as opposed to a 29 percent increase for boys. They also stated "over the past several decades the share of arrests for aggravated assault by girls increased from 15 percent to 24 percent of total arrests". The sharp rise in female crime is occurring during an era where women have significantly more economic / political opportunity than than in the past. If, as feminist claim, women are the "fair sex" then more opportunities should have led to less crime.

The notion that all females are good and honest is obsolete. The idea that there is a "fair sex" is ridiculous.  PEOPLE SHOULD BE JUDGED ON THE BASIS OF THEIR ACTIONS NOT THEIR GENDER.

Unfortunately, feminist continuously advocate for a two tiered judicial system - one for men and a separate one for women. A feminist group named "The National Association of Women Judges" wrote a document titled "Sentencing Women Offenders: A Training Curriculum for Judges". The document claims that "levying the same sentence on a female offender as on a male offender does not in reality impose far greater deprivations on the woman because of her gender." The paper's conclusion is that female felons should be handled differently than male felons. They should be given more leniency.

The whole idea of sentencing being based on gender is narrowminded and feminist. New York City's JusticeHome program is founded in feminism and is more discrimination against men.

September 1, 2013

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