New York Times Article Displays Feminazi Ideology

The New York Times recently wrote an article titled 'Why Are Women-Led Nations Doing Better With COVID-19?'  The article emphasized  the feminist idea of female superiority. The Times states:
Monday was a day of triumph for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Thanks to the efforts of the entire nation, she said, New Zealand had been largely successful in meeting its ambitious goal of eradicating, rather than just controlling, outbreaks of COVID-19. The lockdown she had put in place March 25 could now end.
Ardern’s success is the latest data point in a widely noticed trend: Countries led by women seem to be particularly successful in fighting the coronavirus.
Germany, led by Angela Merkel, has had a far lower death rate than Britain, France, Italy or Spain. Finland, where Prime minister Sanna Marin, 34, governs with a coalition of four female-led parties, has had fewer than 10% as many deaths as nearby Sweden. And Tsai Ing-wen, president of Taiwan, has presided over one of the most successful efforts in the world at containing the virus, using testing, contact tracing and isolation measures to control infections without a full national lockdown.
The presence of a female leader may be a signal that a country has more inclusive political institutions and values.
Having a female leader is one signal that people of diverse backgrounds — and thus, hopefully, diverse perspectives on how to combat crises — are able to win seats at that table. 
By contrast, the male-led governments of Sweden and Britain — both of which have high coronavirus death tolls — appear to have relied primarily on epidemiological modeling by their own advisers, with few channels for dissent from outside experts.
"What we learned with COVID is that, actually, a different kind of leader can be very beneficial,”  Alice Evans said. [ a sociologist at King's College London] “Perhaps people will learn to recognize and value risk-averse, caring and thoughtful leaders.”
As of May 28, "female led" New Zealand has 22 virus related deaths with a population of 4.88 million (or 4.5 deaths per million people). Yet nearby male led Australia  has 103 deaths with a population of 25.99 million (4 deaths per million people) How is female led New Zealand doing significantly better?? They are actually worse!

Similarly, Germany has recorded 8533 virus related deaths with a population of 83 million (102.8 deaths per million). Yet, the nearby male led Czech Republic has recorded 317 deaths with a population of 10.65 million (29.8 deaths per million people). Neighbor Poland (male led) recorded 1030 deaths with a population of 37.97 million (27.1 deaths per million people). How does Merkel's response prove female supremacy? She has a higher mortality rate than her neighbors.

The New York Times compared "male led" Sweden with Finland. Sweden is hardly a male led nation. In 2016, Swedish feminist lawmakers passed legislation requiring sidewalks  and bus lanes be cleared before roadways after it snows. This is because a study found women are more likely to travel by foot or public transportation.  The result has been a disaster. Ambulances and fire trucks have difficulty getting to emergencies because public workers are shoveling sidewalks for women. Sweden is more concerned about removing snow according to the feminist principle of female privilege than it is about getting emergency vehicles quickly to their destination.

A more appropriate comparison for Finland  would be with nearby male led Baltic nations of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.  As discussed above, Poland's virus mortality rate is  27.1 deaths per million people.  Lithuania recorded 68 virus deaths with a population of 2.79 million (24.4 deaths per million people) while Latvia recorded 24 deaths for a population  1.92 million  (12.5 deaths per million people.  Female led Finland is worse than all 3 countries.   Finland has recorded 313 virus related deaths with a population of 5.51 million people (56.8 deaths per million people).

 There is nothing special about any of the three female led nations. They are doing better than some countries but worse than others. Only woman led Taiwan is doing much better than others. They claim 7 deaths for a population of 23.7 million people. One woman doing well hardly makes a case for female supremacy.

The New York Times article was not meant to convey facts or accuracy. It was meant to promote the feminist idea of female superiority. The article is an example of the feminazi culture that exists within this news organization.

May 28, 2020


Anonymous said...

The usual feminist trick. Carefully select/manipulate figures.

Masculist Man said...

I'll take the New York Post any day.