Joe Biden Threatens Male College Students

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has threatened to roll back the rights of male college students. He stated he will undo Betsy DeVos's Title IX reforms.

Devos's had cancelled the Department of Education's 2011 guidelines for sexual assault.  The old guidelines instructed colleges to use a  minimal standard of proof, called “preponderance of the evidence,” (meaning a 50.1% possibility)  when judging whether a male student was guilty of sexual assault. The standard allowed colleges to kick men out of school based only on an accusation. Devos also recently removed the vague definition of sexual harassment  from  an "unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature." and redefined it to mean a pervasive offense that prevents a student's equal access to the "school's education program or activity". Lastly, her reforms gave an accused student the right to cross examine his accuser via a representative.

Biden wants the Title IX reforms eliminated, the 2011 guidelines restored and labels accusing female students as "survivors". He stated:
Survivors deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and when they step forward they should be heard, not silenced,” “Today, Betsy DeVos and Donald Trump published a rule that flies in the face of that belief and guarantees that college campuses will be less safe for our nation's young people.”
“Working with survivors and advocates, we helped to bring this violence out of the shadows and required schools change their practices,”  “Now, Trump's Education Department — led by Betsy DeVos — is trying to shame and silence survivors, and take away parents' peace of mind.”
 [Devos's  reforms] “gives colleges a green light to ignore sexual violence and strip survivors of their rights.”
“It's wrong,” “And, it will be put to a quick end in January 2021, because as President, I'll be right where I always have been throughout my career — on the side of survivors, who deserve to have their voices heard, their claims taken seriously and investigated, and their rights upheld.” 
These are ironic statements from Biden because he is currently  being accused of sexual assault by Tara Reade. If he wants a minimal standard of evidence used for judging a male student's guilt then his guilt should also be judged using the same low standard. If he does not want accusing female students cross examined then Ms. Reade should not be cross examined either. Lastly, Ms. Reade should be designated a "survivor" therefore Biden should be kicked out of the Presidential race regardless of actual evidence of guilt.

These guidelines should be used for every politician who advocates taking away the rights of male college students. If one of these legislators is accused of wrong doing then the 'preponderance of the evidence' standard should be used for judging their guilt.  They should not be allowed to cross examine their accuser. Lastly, the accused politician should be kicked out of office regardless of limited evidence of guilt. Let these politicians be treated the same way they advocate male college students be treated.

May 13, 2020

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