Senator Kristen Gillibrand Undermines The Rights Of Male College Students

New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand has been fighting against reforming sexual assault investigation procedures for colleges.

 Currently, investigations operate under the "preponderance of evidence standard". This standard requires only the possibility an accused male student is guilty of sexual assault.  Unless evidence  proves he is innocent, investigators typically conclude a man is guilty of sexual assault based primarily on an accusation from a woman.  Subsequently, the male student is kicked out of school and has trouble enrolling in other schools because he is presumed a rapist.

US Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, wants schools to use a higher standard of evidence for determining a student's guilt.  She is also proposing regulations requiring schools approach all investigations under the presumption that the accused is innocent until proved guilty. Lastly, Deovs  recommends both the accuser and accused be allowed complete access to information gathered by universities during their investigation. Some schools currently deny students access to the investigation files.

Senator Gillibrand is angered an effort is being made to make investigations fair for male students.  She stated
"Let's fight back to make sure Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education do not turn their backs on survivors of campus sexual assault."
Additionally,  the New York Senator said
 "This betrays students. Betsy DeVos should be doing everything she can to make Title IX enforcement stronger
Her statement shows she believes Title IX  applies only to female students.  Gillibrand  also penned an extensive article  for Cosmopolitan Magazine demanding the "preponderance of the evidence" standard remain in place. 

She wrote:
 "The Department of Education should never turn its back on sexual assault survivors  and I'm ready to fight to make sure they don't. If this also matters to you, then I encourage you to raise your voice and speak out as forcefully as you can about it. We must keep our campuses safe, and to do that, we need good, strong, and fair enforcement of Title IX."
 "By saying she plans to revoke or rescind the Title IX guidelines, Secretary DeVos has shown that she does not take the rights of survivors seriously, but I will do everything in my power as a senator to fight to support our sexual assault survivors. I urge everyone who cares about safety and fairness on our college campuses to join me in this fight and demand that our government officials take campus sexual assault seriously,"
Her article shows she assumes all accused male students are guilty, female students never lie and Title IX only applies to women. Gillibrand  judges students on the basis of their gender rather than their actions. Senator Gillibrand  is a sexist.

When The New York Times recently reported on a draft copy of Devo's reforms, Gillibrand responded by tweeting:
"When has @BetsyDeVosED ever stood with anyone but the powerful? She sides with for-profit colleges over students, lenders over borrowers and predators over survivors. At every turn, she betrays her responsibility to the students she's meant to serve. It's sickening."
Senator Kristen Gillibrand views male college students as predators and rapists. In her mind, these students have no rights and are not protected by Title IX. Any male student planning on voting for her in November should reconsider his decision.

October 1, 2018


Anonymous said...

When a pronoun refers to a noun having a clearly defined gender, it might be acceptable to use the appropriate, gender specific pronoun.
"Any MALE student planning on voting for her in November should reconsider HIS decision."

Rob said...

Duly noted. Never claimed to be Shakespeare.

Rob said...

...and changed.

Bases of War said...

Men will simply enroll in online colleges. If online discussions are required, then screenshot everything as proof that no inappropriate conversations ever transpired.