Court Protects Violent White Knight

Daniel Copeland went on vacation with his girlfriend Megan Natasha Evans in Towyn, Great Britain. They were on the last night of their holiday when the violence broke out.

Evans had been drinking and in her drunken state argued with Mr. Copeland. She then pulled out a knife and began screaming and attacking Copeland. Judge Niclas Parry said “It was a sustained, repeated assault by Evans who with a knife caused an injury to the abdomen which was very serious. The victim [Copeland] understandably believed that she was going to stab him."  The judge said she was disarmed but then picked up a second knife and continued attacking her boyfriend.

Raffal Kossowski heard the screaming woman and automatically believed she was being attacked. Kossowski then preceded to act like a white knight dufus. He burst into the couple's room inorder to protect the woman. Kossowski assaulted Mr. Copleand, kicking him with such violent force that he broke Copleand's arm. Copeland was then dragged outside and beaten up by Kossowski friends. The incident left the victim with a broken arm, cuts to his fingers and an injury to the abdomen.

In court both Evans and Kossowski admitted wounding charges. However, neither was issued any jail time.  Although the presiding judge stated to Evans  “You should understand, and I am sure that you do, in your drunken state and out of control of your senses, the consequences could have been catastrophic if not fatal,” she received a two year  suspended sentence, with 250 hours unpaid work (similar to US community service), and ten days rehabilitation.  She was also ordered to pay £500 (about $666 US) compensation. Kossowski, received a 16 month suspended prison sentence with 200 hours unpaid work and ordered to pay £750 (about $1000 US) compensation.

Copeland's violent ex girlfriend should be in jail. A knife attack is a serious crime.  As for Kossowski‘s ‘Knightly’ actions, was his sentence fair? Is 200 hours unpaid work and paying $1000 an adequate sentence for intentionally attacking and breaking someone's arm? Suppose men turn on Kossowski, attack him and break his arm. Would the Court issue the same sentence to his male attackers? NOT LIKELY. Suppose men began attacking any white knight, stomping on their arms and beating them up.  Would the Court issue only suspended prison sentences, fines and community service to the attackers? NOT LIKELY.

British courts are as corrupt and unjust as American courts.  In this criminal case, the Crown Court's agenda was to minimize repercussions against men acting like white knight thugs in the defense of women.  It sought to limit damage against the feminist notion that women are always innocent.   Rather than being based on justice, this ruling was based on feminist ideology.

September 13, 2016


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You're forgetting that she is NOT a psychotic bitch from hell, but a delicate little flower that needs all the privilege I MEAN PROTECTION she can get.


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