Why Men Are Avoiding Marriage Today

Men are increasingly avoiding marriage. Their disinterest in being married has caused record low marriage rates in America. According to the Washington Post, single adults now outnumber married adults for the first time in US history.  According to a Pew Research Center analysis, the percentage of American adults who have never been married has reached an historic high.

Sociologists and journalists have advanced bizarre theories attempting to explain men's increasing reluctance to marry. They have blamed men's 'perpetual immaturity, internet porn, misogyny and even video games. None of these theories are even remotely accurate. The reason men are skipping marriage is because feminists have turned the institution into a weapon of abuse against husbands.

A great example of matrimony being used as a weapon was recently published by New York Magazine. Their article titled "Women Are Now Cheating As Much As Men But With Fewer Consequences" insinuates wives cheat because of their husbands failings. The magazine states the internet has made finding a "better"  partner easier. They quote human behavior researcher Helen Fisher, of the Kinsey Institute:
But it is about choice. Women now are more aware of the alternatives to monogamy and more inclined to demand to have all their needs met. That’s because happiness is such an important part of marriage. Fewer women are marrying out of need; instead, they’re marrying to please themselves. But that also means when they’re dissatisfied with something they feel justified to go elsewhere.”
Thus, its a husband's fault his wife is dissatisfied and therefore cheating. In reality, all Fisher's statements prove is that cheating wives are self centered jerks. They expect catering 24/7 but are unwilling to offer the same treatment in return.

NY Magazine also insinuated husbands will get past being cheated on and abused. The article states:
Such was the case with a guy friend whose wife has been having an affair with “some douche bag down the street” while he makes lunches and cleans the kids’ bunnies’ cages, waiting for “the phase to pass” and their marriage to carry on. Or with Randy, a 39-year-old father of four in Idaho who decided to stay with his wife of 17 years after she slept with her business-development coach. “I’m in it for the long haul, till we’re old and gray and sitting on the front porch,” he says, wistfully. “It’s the biggest thing in any marriage to have that trust violated, but I’m not perfect either. And I know she still wants to be here with me.”
The magazine then claimed Los Angeles matrimony therapist Talia Wagner has
"seen a significant rise in the number of couples who come in following a wife’s affair, and that it’s usually the man who wants to try to keep the marriage intact"
Wagner said “For some [husbands], it’s easier. Even in egalitarian marriages, the women are the project managers. But men these days seem to have more to lose emotionally.”

The article tacitly concluded cheating wives shouldn’t be condemned similar to cheating husbands. NY Magazine states:
"women who cheat are less likely to feel condemned by their social group." For example when working wife Lauren told her husband she was cheating, “she thought he might keep it to himself. Wasn’t he humiliated? Instead, he told everyone. “He behaved the way a ‘woman’ would be expected to, telling everyone how horrible I was,” she says. That didn’t mean he didn’t want to try to work it out. Or that she felt especially guilty. “I think if he’d been the one who cheated, he’d have been treated a lot worse,” she says. Instead, she says, most of her friends seemed to sympathize. She’d just done what she needed to do. “Women are more forgiven because it’s the struggle of being a certain type of powerful woman,” she says. “You were a different person when you began the relationship. And he’s just not."
Despite NY Magazine's claims to the contrary, a cheating wife IS THE SAME as a cheating husband. Only a female chauvinist twit (ie a feminist) would claim elsewise. This type of sexist writing explains why men are skipping marriage in ever greater numbers. Why should a man become involved in an institution that  blames a wife's cheating on her husband?

New York Magizane isn’t the only organization promoting husband abuse. An article titled "The Back-Up Plan: Half Of Women In Relationships Have 'Plan B' Man They Can Run Away With" appeared on the health website Medical Daily, the British news site DailyMail and numerous other websites. The article states:
"half of women who are married or in relationships have a Plan B man on standby. And married women are more likely [to] have a Plan B in the background than those who are just in a relationship."
"They [women] understand that anything can happen and are ensuring they have a solid back-up plan should things go sour with their current man,”
 "These survey results suggest men should make sure they are attentive to their women’s needs, even when the relationship is on the rocks"

Lastly, a DirecTV commercial promotes the 'Plan B' theme for wives. The ad, featuring Bon Jovi, publicizes DirecTV's program recording capabilities by showing a husband being replaced by  his wife's past boyfriend. The company states their service gives subscribers the ability to go back in time to record programs and change their life.

Both articles as well as the commercial emphasize the feminist viewpoint that a marriage's health depends on a husband catering to his wife. The wife contributes very little in return.  She is encouraged to ignore and abuse her husband. No major media outlets nor health sites nor commercials promote similar abuse against wives.

After viewing these feminist oriented articles and ads, single men realize becoming a husband is a waste of time. Its the equivalent of throwing your life away. Why should a man become involved in an institution where all cheating is his fault and he is replaced by a 'plan B' sleazeball whenever his self-centered wife believes she is not being acquiesced? Marriage is increasingly avoided. The better deal is remaining single and dating a series of different women. Additionally, a single man can join a hiking, biking, swimming or any other type of club without having a worthless wife such as "Lauren" dragging him down.

June 22, 2016


ScareCrow said...

Remember - you are not a "real man" unless your nuts are sown into some man-hating-psycho-bitch's purse :)

Anonymous said...

Too risky for many of us good men.

Rob said...

@Anonymous Aug 15

LMAO! U sound like either a mangina trying to tell men to 'man up' and accept mistreatment or a feminist trying to sham men so that they will accept mistreatment. Hard to tell since there is so little difference between manginas and female chauvinists.

danny00804 said...

Outstanding article. I've seen this too much in my own experience. The women are far too over-powered if that is a term. Men are seen as disposable, so they should embrace that independence. It can be difficult with a child, so income can be an issue as well. Still, realistically, you don't need a woman except for sex. I raised my child without a mother and it's been better without all the gender battles and empowered woman nonsense.

Women need to watch out. Most of the women I've known who have cheated on their husbands or divorced for trivial reasons end up alone and bitter. After 40, nobody wants them.

Rob said...

Thanks Danny

Anonymous said...

GREAT write up! I came close to marriage twice but BOY am I glad I didn't! I come into A LOT of $$$$$$$ shortly after the 2nd disappointment with possible marriage. I didn't bother telling her (the last lady) about all the $$$$$ so when I told her I didn't think it was going to work she acted fine with it but then couldn't understand why I was so jolly and didn't stalk her like a thug or a biker so she could gossip with her haggy friends about it. Money is MUCH more important and creates more temporary happiness than any female ever can. TRUST ME ON THAT! :)
Postmodernism/Feminism tells men that "Women don't exist" (according to Lacan's first rule) so I am MORE THAN HAPPY to play along, I just make women not existing in my life REAL :) :) :) $$$$$$$$$
Make $$$$$ fellas! You'll be glad that you did! Don't waste time with the impossible to please people, like western women.

Cenobite said...

The Japanese not long ago started a Dooms Day Clock because marriage and children are now below the rate of replenishment for their work force. Public enemy number one is the Herbivore Man whom many Japanese women are now determined to change, but are failing much to their horror as the day of their extinction is closing in. Here in the west we need to follow the Herbivore as MGTOW, and tell the floor tiles where to go with their man up talk.

Anonymous said...

Women simply use men for our resources, men wake up you are all merely a utility to provide for women. They treat you like a slave and you better mind or she will have the state deal with you accordingly. Men are expendable and men have created all the automation and luxury that women take for granted. A woman has children to have a further guarantees for financial support into her old age. There is no value in marriage for men, let them pay their own bills. The ONLY reason prostitution is illegal in the U.S. is so there is less competition for women. MGTOW see you ladies!

Anonymous said...

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I am responsible for my happiness and I can never expect anyone to be, I will lay down my life for the women in my life (Daughter, niece, Mother, sister, Aunts and cousins)
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I do not have time to gamble on ltr’s and/or marriage, the risk is too high for too little reward!