Feminist Judicial Double Standards

Feminist journalist, Yvonne Roberts, recently advocated reducing the number of women in Britain’s prison system by 50%. 

Writing for the British newspaper "The Guardian" she claimed female prisoners "need a break". Roberts stated "Twenty-five  years ago, the 'eminent' criminologist Professor Pat Carlen called for the abolition of women’s prisons for all but a  minority and their replacement with a system that is 'woman-wise and otherwise'". She also named groups offering alternatives to jailing female prisoners stating "The Nelson Trust, Advance, and Women in Prison, among others, run women’s  centres that offer holistic support customized to fit individual women. Triage and diversion from courts for the drug- and  alcohol-addicted operate, for instance, in Manchester" She concluded "A new women’s justice board could drive innovation, pilot different approaches and treat failure as a chance to learn, not an excuse to lock them all up again."

Roberts wants the criminal system to sentence  felons on the basis of their gender rather than their actions. What the feminist journalist advocates is a 2 tiered judicial system - one for men and a separate one for women.

An example of Roberts' feminist justice system occurred recently in the British town of Burnley. Carrie Harwood, Macauley  Worth, both 20, and 4 unidentified teenagers attacked Ben Sharples at a service station for no particular reason. Sharples was kicked, punched, and knocked unconscious. He suffered a concussion, two black eyes and severe swelling to his face. The service station video showed Ms Harwood stomping on Sharples as he lay on the ground. Nonetheless, Harwood avoided jail.  She was sentenced to nothing while her male accomplice, Macauley Worth, was sentenced to jail for 26 months. Harwood, a  grown adult woman, was not held responsible for her actions.

Similarly, American feminists are also advocating judicial double standard. The National Association of Women Judges wrote  a document titled "Sentencing Women Offenders: A Training Curriculum for Judges".  This feminist document advocates that  female felons be given more leniency than male felons. It has been promoted as a judicial guideline for nearly 15 years. In New York City, the Women’s Prison Association created a sentencing program called JusticeHome. Through this  program, female criminals with children are placed under house arrest rather than sentenced to jail. The women will remain in their homes with their children and receive guidance about jobs and education. Fathers who commit the same crime,  however, will NOT receive such leniency. Instead, they will be sent directly to jail.

Feminist, whether in Britain or the US, view women as an aristocratic class worthy of special privileges and pampering. Rather than judging people on the basis of their actions, feminist demand a criminal system which judges people on the basis of their gender. Instead of being an ideology of equality, feminism is an ideology of female chauvinism.

December 2, 2015


Chris said...

I entirely agree with your position and have written my own post on this issue at http://www.fighting4fair.com/uncategorized/on-the-punishment-of-women-and-the-notion-of-a-pussy-pass/

Michael Steane said...

Aristocratic classes should be held to a higher standard than commoners in order to justify their aristocratic status. The same should apply to women.

Rob said...

@Chris. Interesting website. I took a quick look at it.
@Michael Interesting idea.