Michelle Obama Typifies the American Government’s Female Chauvinism

An education conference was recently held in New York City. The audience consisted of about 1,000 adolescent girls.  Michelle Obama was the conference's star speaker.  During her speech, she implored female students to invest in their education so they can "Compete with the boys. Beat the boys,". She also touted the work she and the president are doing through the “Let Girls Learn” initiative.

Her idea that boys should be beaten rather than educated reflects the narrow minded female chauvinist mentality that exists within the U.S. government today. Girls attend college at a much higher rate than boys. A 2010 study by Reach Advisors LLC. concluded single women aged 22-30 outearn their male counterparts of  the same age group in most U.S. cities. Reach Advisors cited college education as the main reason for the gender pay gap. Significantly more women than men earn  degrees. Yet, rather than encouraging all teenagers - including boys - to invest in their education, the only idea presented by the buffoon first lady was for girls to beat the boys in education. The first lady feels boys education is irrelevant to the country.

Additionally, the "Let Girls Learn" program, touted by the first lady helps foreign girls worldwide obtain a quality education. Thus, this administration puts more effort and initiative into educating foreign girls than it does in educating American boys. Likewise, the first lady’s program denies education assistance to foreign  boys - further emphasizing her sexist mindset. Education programs should be open to anyone willing to learn.

Michelle Obama is a female chauvinist (ie feminist) nitwit. Her mentality symbolizes the narrow-mindedness within the Unites States administration today.

October 13, 2015

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