Jezebel: Daughters Are Better Than Sons

The women's website "Jezebel.com" (ranked by Alexa Internet as a popular site worldwide) recently advocated increasing parents preference for daughters and decreasing their desire for sons. (Note: There is no shortage of girls. Most western countries have slightly more women than men. In fact, most countries of the world are close to a 1:1 male/female ratio).

In its article titled "Can Parents Be Convinced To Want Baby Girls" Jezebel stated "Anya Kamenetz {writing for Fast Company Magazine} ponders whether the global preference for male children could be budged with a well-thought-out ad campaign touting the benefits of female children ...One ad, produced by a group of female ad executives, claims that baby girls are better at collaborating, communicating and empathizing and thus will be the leaders of tomorrow. Another claims that a baby boy is 76% more likely to set something his parents own ablaze."

Kamenetz remarked: "In the 21st century, there's a compelling case for girls as the equal— and, in some cases, optimal— gender for roles in leadership, innovation, and economic growth. Women excel in education, the most crucial factor in tomorrow's workforce and women are more likely to have a balanced, empathetic leadership style, better communication skills, a knack for fostering innovation through collaboration".

If women are such empathetic leaders then why do most female politicians support paternity fraud and its resulting exploitation of husbands? Also, notice how female executives cooperated to create an ad stereotyping children. Thats innovative leadership? Its more like narrow minded arrogance. Additionally,women excel in American schools largely as a result of the AAUW (a women's group) reorganizing education so that girls have more academic assistance, more financial aid and more classes designed to appeal to them rather than boys. What happened to women's alleged balanced leadership style? Lastly, the fact both Kamenetz and Jezebel consider females the "optimal gender" for roles in leadership clearly shows a gender bigoted mentality that is equivalent to 1920's Alabama thinking which viewed whites as the optimal race.

Jezebel also said the "US Justice Department states 91% of rape victims are female and 99% of rapists are men."

This appears to be a 1999 statistic calculated by the University of California. Additionally, very few men are actually rapists. Finally, 100% of paternity fraud is committed by women and the vast majority of rape fraud is also committed by women. These facts makes Jezebel's insinuation that women are good while men are bad a complete female chauvinist farce. Both men AND WOMEN commit bad acts.

Lastly, the website summarized its views of males as "one bad man is capable of covering a lot of ground and hurting a lot of people". True, but so can one bad woman.

The sexist writers of this website judge people on the basis of their gender rather than their actions. And the mass of women viewing the website are no better.

One comment on this article signifies the response of virtually every single female reader. "Yeah, I don't understand this at all. Because the fact is that boys are much more likely to bully, to use drugs, to be violent, to go to jail. People way over glamorize boys."

Jezebel's article intended to prove women - not men - are open minded, sympathetic and innovative leaders therefore daughters are better than sons. Instead, Jezebel proved some women are narrow minded, egotistical jackasses.

November 30, 2011

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