US Military Integrity Wilting Under Feminism

The Associated Press stated a married Naval officer and a married female Army soldier had an inappropriate relationship. The naval officer was identified as Capt. Robert Gamberg.

Because of this relationship, the Navy has removed Gamberg from his post as the USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier's second in command. Additionally, the Navy is now considering kicking him out of the service. Rear Adm. Ted Branch, commander of Naval Air Force Atlantic, has recommended that Gamberg be required to show why he should be allowed to remain in the Navy.

However, the United States Military has refused to identify the married female soldier. The Navy said revealing her identity and any other parties involved would be "clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy."

The US military command appears to be frightened of feminists.

One of the fundamental principals of feminism is that cheating wives should be held to a different accountability standard than cheating husbands. If the Navy revealed the wife's name than this principal would be violated.

An example of this accountability double standard was displayed during the infamous Arnold Schwarzenegger affair. Media outlets such as Forbes, Associated Press, TIME, the Huffington Post and others described Schwarzenegger as just another philandering, womanizing husband and asked "How could he have had a child with another women?" "How could he have deceived his wife for so long?" Yet, the woman whom he had child with (Mildred Baena) was also married at the time. She had lied to her husband, telling him the child was his. Reports indicate her husband raised the child for 11 years believing the boy was his son. Only in 2008, during the divorce, did he find out he was lied to. THIS MAN WAS A VICTIM OF PATERNITY FRAUD. None of America's feminist media outlets had a problem with Mildred's cheating, lying and fraud. None of the female chauvinist reporters asked "How could SHE have deceived HER HUSBAND for so long". She was not held accountable.

The military's humiliating a cheating husband but shielding a cheating wife indicates the Department of Defense (DOD) is beginning to wilt under feminist pressure. The DOD is losing its sense of integrity and replacing it with chauvinistic double standards. How can a government institution charged with coordinating operations for the defense of the nation not even defend itself against feminism?

The DOD is becoming another government institution infiltrated by a chauvinistic and corrupt ideology. If feminism has not already negatively impacted the military's efficiency then it will do so in the near future.

July 15, 2011

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