Anti Male College Environment

The U.S. Department of Education has issued new guidelines on sexual violence to US colleges. These guidelines state only a “preponderance of the evidence" rather than "clear and convincing evidence" is needed for determining guilt in sexual assault. Preponderance is defined as a 51% chance an assault occurred. Thus if there is a 51% chance a male student is guilty, he can be kicked out of college.

These new guidelines will be in effect for the coming school year & and are primarily the work of assistant secretary for civil rights, Russlynn Ali. She is an avowed feminist. Ali has threatened to withhold federal funding to any school not following these instructions.

The new guidelines apply only to sexual harassment and sexual assault. They do not apply to false rape. Thus, conclusive evidence is NOT necessary for a man to be found guilty of sexual assault. However, conclusive evidence IS necessary for a woman to be found guilty of making a fraudulent rape claim. This double standard is magnified by the fact two researchers (Frank Zepezauer and Eugene Kanin), in separate studies, concluded 25% of rape complaints were fraudulent. (Note: Feminist claim rape fraud, if it exists, is no more than 2%. They claim lying is a male characteristic).

Ali stated "one in five [college] women are victims of completed or attempted sexual assault." According to Christina Hoff Sommers, Ali based her statistic on an internet survey which asked college women about their sexual experiences. Sommers said 'the researchers—not the women themselves—decided whether they [college women] had been assaulted." Sommers also stated the researchers used a wide ranging definition of sexual assault that included "attempted forced kissing" and female students having sex while they were drunk. Researchers considered the drunken state of male students as irrelevant. Therefore, if 2 drunk students have sex and the female latter regrets it, the incident is classified as sexual assault. The male student will be kicked out of college. HOWEVER, if its the male student who latter regrets having sex (for example with a fat girl) it is classified as nothing.

This study is based on chauvinistic double standards yet it will be the foundation for university disciplinary policies.

Furthermore, many states define sexual harassment as sexual assault. The definition of sexual harassment is lenient. For example it includes "inappropriate looking" or unwanted attention. In a college environment, if a fat or geeky male student looks at a female student, its deemed sexual harassment which in turn means its sexual assault. Under Ali's guidelines, school's can expel these men for sexual assault without conclusive evidence. However if a fat girl gives a male student unwanted attention its deemed as "her right" rather than harassment.

Ali is full of female chauvinist crap. (In other words she is a feminist).

If the Office of Civil Rights is so interested in campus safety, where is their regulations controlling egotistical muscle heads? These "gentlemen" often behave as if they own everybody. There is more likely to be an assault by a muscle head than there is a rape on campus. Yet the Office of Civil Rights is unconcerned. Could this be because muscle heads almost always attack male students rather than female students?

THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION'S NEW GUIDELINES ARE SEXIST. They make it easier to kick men out of college and prevent them from obtaining a higher education. In fact many of the Department’s regulations are based entirely on sexual harassment definitions issued by a feminist group called the American Association of University Women (AAUW). The AAUW has caused boys as young as 4 years old to be accused of sexual harassment.

Ali's new guidelines, in conjunction with the AAUW's definitions help create a hostile college learning environment for males. THIS IS A VIOLATION OF TITLE IX.

In the coming year, male students which are fraudulently suspended as a result of these new rules should file a Title IX class action sex discrimination lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Education. Russlynn Ali and the AAUW should be held accountable for their actions.

June 15, 2011

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Anonymous said...

I just wish something really, really bad would happen to criminals like Russlynn Ali. Maybe someday.