MeToo Women Found Guilty of Defamation

 The Swedish television program 'Crime of the' Week reviewed ten defamation cases linked to MeToo allegations over the last several years and found that in every single case, judges had sided against the women making public allegations of sexual abuse.

“All women have the right to their story, and you can tell what you want to a close circle of family and friends, but you can’t single people out in public,” lawyer Angel Eklund told SVT.

The broadcaster noted that eight women were convicted of gross slander, while the other two were convicted of libel. Six of the cases have seen a final judgement, while three others await appeals, and the final case has been referred for an appeal to the Swedish supreme court.

In march of this year,  a Swedish feminist group began soliciting donations to cover fines that were imposed by courts after a successful defamation prosecution

What this shows is that the feminist #Metoo movement had given a license for women to falsely accuse men of anything. They thought there would be no repercussions. 

As shown in an article written by feminist Caitlin Carroll, the entire premise of the movement is that women should be believed because of their gender while men should always be presumed guilty. The actual actions of individuals are irrelevant to the small feminist mind.  Additionally, Carroll's entire article promotes the obsolete feminist notion that women dont commit sexual violence.

The feminist #MeToo movement is based on gender hate rather than judging people on the basis of their actions.

May 18, 2021

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