Katie Hill Demands Female Privilege

California Representative Katie Hill resigned her post after it has been discovered she had a relationship with a woman on her congressional campaign staff. She gave a scathing resignation speech, in which she claimed she is the victim of a gendered "double standard" in society that has punished her for her sexual life.

I am leaving now because of a double standard. I am leaving because I no longer want to be used as a bargaining chip, she said on the House floor, “I’m leaving because of a misogynistic culture that gleefully consumed my naked pictures.” She claimed male politicians are not held to the same standard.

Ms Hill's resignation was announce three days after the website Redstate published text messages and photos, showing her in a relationship with a campaign staffer, which she previously denied.  The UK's Daily Mail has also published nude photos of Ms HIll from that relationship.

Additionally, Redstate also published allegations that Ms Hill engaged in a sexual relationship with a male subordinate. She has thus far continued to deny that accussation.  Before her resignation, a House Ethics Committee was planning an investigation of Ms Hill for possible ehtics violations concerning her realtionships with her staff.

In her farewell speech, she said those photos were "the forces of revenge by a bitter jealous man", in an apparent reference to her estranged husband.

This last statement seems to indicate Hill is lying yet again. If she wasn't cheating on her husband with a male subordinate  then what would her husband be jealous about?  Katie Hill has since hired revenge porn attorney Carrie Goldberg and plans on suing all those involved in publishing her "porn" pictures.. However, Redstate and Daily Mail are not porn sites. They are news sites. Therefore the pictures were not porn. They were evidence that Hill - a politician - was lying about her relationships and possible ethics code violations.

Katie Hill claims she is  a victim of gender double standard but in fact she is advocating a feminist double standard. She is demanding that she not be held to the same standards as male politicians. Here are just a few male politicians who were forced out of their posts in similar situations:

Joe Barton (Texas)
He was separated from his wife prior to their divorce. During this time, he had  consensual  relationships with several women.  Somehow a nude photo of him from one of the relationships was posted on social media without his consent. He was forced not to run for re -election in 2018.

 Al Franken (Minnesota)
He was accused of unwanted touching by several women. During his resignation speech he said ,"I also think it gave some people the false impression that I was admitting to doing things that, in fact, I haven’t done." "Some of the allegations against me are simply not true. Others, I remember very differently."  Accusations were the only evidence against him. Nonetheless, he was forced to resign in 2018.

Tim Murphy (Pennsylvania)
He admitted to an extramarital affair with a “personal friend” and encouraged his lover to terminate an unplanned pregnancy. He was forced to resign in 2017.

Wesley Goodman (Ohio)
He admitted having an inappropriate  extramarital relationship with a male member of his staff.   Additionally, the Washington Post also accused him of an unwanted sexual advance with an 18 year old male. That allegation was not proven. As a result of his extramarital relationship, Goodman was forced to resign in 2017.

Jeff Clemens (Florida)
He admitted to having an affair with a lobbyist. He was forced to resign in 2017.
Bill Dix (Iowa)
 After a video surfaced showing him kissing with a lobbyist, he was forced to resign in 2017.
 Mark Souder (Indiana)
He was forced to resign in 2010 after he admitted to having an affair with one of his congressional staffers.

Katie Hill is a sexist. The only double standard is her own and it is based on feminism (ie female privilege).

 Additionally, as a sign of the changing times, many in the public are no longer buying into feminist hypocricy. Below are the top 10 comments from a Yahoonews article titled
"Katie Hill delivers scathing resignation speech after Trump impeachment vote:  'I am leaving because of a double standard'"

Ms. Hill has become the new face for feminist double standards.

November 4, 2019


Anonymous said...

In addition to everything you have written,

1) Absolutely none of the reporting on the story that I have seen indicates that the staffer in question has said that she actually consented to the relationship. And it also does not appear to me that Hill's ex-husband consented to the relationship with the staffer. Hill wielded significant power over both of these individuals at the time which she could have leveraged against them - her staffer was a direct report and her ex-husband was completely financially dependent on her- so if they did not explicitly consent this should be presumed to be rape, not a consensual affair.

2) Her claim of "revenge p-" is absurdly legally off base.

The "revenge P-" law in question -California PC 647(j)(4)- specifies that
"(D) It shall not be a violation of this paragraph to distribute an image described in subparagraph (A) if any of the following applies:
(i) The distribution is made in the course of reporting an unlawful activity.
(ii) The distribution is made in compliance with a subpoena or other court order for use in a legal proceeding.
(iii) The distribution is made in the course of a lawful public proceeding."

Both of the photos in question showed Hill engaging in an unlawful activity. In one, she was smoking a bong (in a photo taken pre-legalization) and the other shows her literally grooming a subordinate for a sexual relationship forbidden by congressional rules. Any photos released in the course of reporting these activities CANNOT be revenge p.

On top of that, the law defines the "porn" in revenge "porn" to mean images showing intimate body parts or an act of sexual intercourse or masturbation. The "intimate parts" were blurred out of the photos in question and Hill was not engaged in intercourse in them.

This is so obvious that the allegation should be considered false.

Rob said...

Well researched comment