Six Recent Cases of Female Sex Offenders

In Arizona, 27-year-old Brittany Zamora has been arrested for alleged sexual misconduct with a 13-year-old male student. Mrs. Zamora, a sixth-grade teacher at Las Brisas Academy, allegedly performed oral sex on the young boy inside a school classroom as well as in her car. Police say a parent found text messages between Mrs. Zamora and the male student, indicating sexual activity.

Lisa Kutis of the Goodyear Police Department stated, “The text messages found are sexual in nature that allege an ongoing relationship between the two,” adding, “As a result of an app, which alerted the parents to some keywords, they then checked the cellphone and discovered [sexual] text messages.” The boy said that the sexual relationship started after Zamora started flirting with him in a classroom chat group. She began sending him nude photos of herself.  Police also stated they spoke with a second boy who apparently witnessed one of the sex acts. According to police, the second boy said Mrs. Zamora had also showed him naked pictures of herself.

On March 22, the boy’s father called police saying that Zamora and her husband called him and begged him not to contact the police. Zamora’s husband reportedly stated that Mrs. Zamora made a big mistake but that she loved the kids in her class. The boy’s father added that the husband asked him if they could handle the situation privately, that they should “meet up” and “settle this,” prompting the boy’s father to hang up.

Claiming she mistakenly gave the boy oral sex seems laughable. How does a wife mistakenly give a boy oral sex?   Seems more likely she is shoveling excuses to her husband.

According to KPNX,, several weeks before the alleged sexual encounters, three students wrote to the school principal claiming “elements of favoritism” between Mrs. Zamora and the boy.

Brittany Zamora was booked into Fourth Avenue Jail on two counts of molestation of a child, one count of furnishing harmful material and nine counts of sexual conduct with a minor.

In Iowa, five nursing assistants were arrested. Carolyn Marie Wiedrich, 44; Shelby Mariah Sebring, 24; Jamie Leah Pagel, 32,  Megan Marie Penney 26 and Paige Lynn Johanningmeier 23;  are accused of having sexual contact with patients while working at Prairie View Residential Care Facility. The medical facility treats adult patients with chronic mental illness, intellectual disabilities, or medical conditions. Services include 24 hour staffing, medication management, on site visits by medical doctors and psychiatrists as well as transportation to local medical appointments.

Patients at this facility are dealing with serious mental and emotional issues. The last thing they need is someone taking advantage of them.

Wiedrich is accused of having a patient perform oral sex on her on more than 30 occasions while she worked at the Center. Sebring allegedly had sex with a patient. Pagel allegedly kissed and touched a clothed patient on two occasions court records state.  Megan Marie Penney and Paige Lynn Johanningmeier were arrested for allegedly sneaking patients out of the facility to have sex them. According to the Fayette County Sheriff's Office, all five nursing assistants were charged with 'sexual exploitation by a counselor, therapist or school employee'.

Sheriff Marty Fisher stated “These CNAs have violated the trust of not only their employers, but also the families of these patients who put their trust in these individuals to care for their family members."

The feminist idea of "benevolent women" is obsolete. People should be judged on the basis of their actions not their gender. These six women should not receive public sympathy. In all six cases, grown adult women were looking for someone they could easily manipulate.

Imagine if the genders were reversed. Imagine the reaction if five male nursing assistants were found having sex with patients suffering from mental and emotional issues. Imagine the reaction if a husband / teacher was found giving a 13 year old girl oral sex.

The reaction toward these six female sex offenders should be no different.

April 2, 2018


Anonymous said...

Don't you mean...if a man MISTAKENLY performed oral sex on a 13 year old girl...???

Rob said...


LOL! Good point.

Greg Allan said...

"In all six cases, grown adult women were looking for someone they could easily manipulate."

Our entire culture aids those women by telling boys they are faulty if they don't desperately want it.

Anonymous said...

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