Female Teachers Having Sex With Male Students Does Cause Harm

There is a persistent feminist view in western culture that teenage boys are not harmed from having sex with their female teachers. This viewpoint is often supported by white knight men. However, three recent court cases show teenage boys can be harmed from having sexual encounters with adult women.

In the first case, teacher Christine Marie Towers, 26, of Phoenixville, PA was sentenced to 11 to 23 months in jail for having sexual contact with a boy she was tutoring. Ms. Towers began tutoring a 16 year old male student in 2016. She ultimately turned their association into a sexual relationship.  During Tower's trial, the 16 year old boy, his mother, and his grandmother all told the Court of the "devastation" the teacher caused their family from the sexual relationship. The student said he has learning disabilities and told County Court Judge Patrick Carmody that he did not understand the direction the relationship was headed and was "mostly just confused."  He stated "She made me think I was her everything and she would go crazy if I left her,"  "I cooperated with the detectives because I saw it as a way out."

He quit playing basketball, in part because opposing players jeered 'teacher's pet' at him. He said Towers has ruined his senior year in high school, and he is now seeing a therapist. Details can be read  here.

In the second case, Linda Hardan,22, a teacher at Manchester Regional High School in Haledon, New Jersey, had sexual contact with at least two male students, one was 14 and the other was 16 years-old. The 14-year-old victim was “disgusted” and “upset” about the sexual encounter. He reported he was so repulsed that he jumped out of the car and walked two miles back home. Assistant Prosecutor Gyselle Da Silva, said the 16-year-old victim was so traumatized by Hardan's actions that he dropped out of high school and has not returned.

Prosecutors had worked out a deal with Hardan’s legal team, where she accepted a five-year sentence. However, when the deal was presented during the sentencing phase of her trial, white knight Judge Miguel de la Carrera issued a lighter sentence, citing the mitigating factors of her childhood. He downgraded her sentence to a three-year jail term. Additional details are here.

In the final case, Ontario grade school teacher, Jaclyn McLaren, 36, had multiple sexual encounters with multiple teenage boys. Four of the eight victims were under the age of 16. The others were under 18. She had sexual intercourse with three of the boys, two of whom were under the age of 16.  McLaren bought alcohol for the two boys under 16 before having sexual encounters with them in a car. The alcohol made the young boys more sexually pliable. Ms. McLaren pleaded guilty to multiple sex-related offences and will be sentenced in May. Additional details are here.

Imagine a grown man giving a 15 year old girl alcohol before having sex with her or what about a male teacher taking advantage of a teenage girl with learning disabilities. Do you think feminists or white knights would claim no harm? Their sexist double standard is more appalling considering girls mature faster than boys. Maturity is the primary determining factor in whether or not a person can handle a sexual relationship. A 15 year old girl, on average, is more mature than a 15 year old boy.

These three recent court cases clearly show teenage boys can be harmed from sexual encounters with female teachers.

March 14, 2017