An Example of a Female Sexual Predator

Mrs. Brooke Lajiness is an example of a female sexual predator. The Michigan mom lured two teenage boys, aged 14 and 15, by sending them naked pictures of herself on Snapchat (a mobile app that allows you to send videos and pictures, both of which will self destruct after a few seconds of a person viewing them). The teens saw multiple photos, including Lajiness in a bathtub performing sexual acts. Ultimately, Mrs.  Lajiness convinced the boys to meet with her. On multiple occasions, she rendezvoused with the boys in their neighborhood for sexual encounters in her car.  Mrs. Lajiness admitted to having sex with the 14 year old as many as 15 times.

in court, Michigan State Police Trooper Donald Pasternak testified that most of the sexual encounters happened in the back of Lajiness' car in a Lima Township driveway. The court also heard a report about a possible 3rd teenage boy the Michigan mom was cheating with. He was 17 or 18. The judge did not pursue further details. Both her lawyer and her husband blamed Mrs Lajiness actions on insomnia.

During the court proceedings, the mother of one victim read out a statement saying, "You made a conscious effort on several occasions to make arrangements to meet my son, sneak out of your house, start your car, leave your husband and children at home and drive to my son’s father’s house, back into the driveway between midnight and 4 a.m., wait for my son to run in the driveway, commit a crime and leave. Did you know that this was wrong? Did you ever worry about the harm you were doing to my son?"

Assistant Washtenaw County Prosecutor John Vella said in court "This is an incident that this is clearly a predator," He stated "This case involves a defendant seeking out minors for sex”.
She was recently sentenced to four years and nine months in prison. She was also required to register on Michigan’s sex offender registry. Lajiness said after her sentencing. "My family means everything to me, and I've caused them great pain for these regretful choices I have made."

American culture sometimes still views female predatory behavior as benevolent. Brooke Lajiness actions were not benevolent. She was teaching both her kids and the teens that cheating is ok. Stabbing someone in the back is acceptable. She was setting an example that having sex with minors is OK. Additionally, she was probabaly disrupting her victims' school work and social life. As discussed in a previous post, boys having sex with adult women can suffer negative consequences. 

One viewer at Mlive.com made an insightful comment concerning this court case:

Despite her claims to the contrary,  Brooke Lajiness wasn’t concerned about her family when she left them to have sex with a 14 year old 15 times. She didn’t have her family's best interest in mind while she had sex with two other teenage boys. Americans need to abandon their obsolete notion of the benevolent female predator.

August 22, 2017


Anonymous said...

Sex negativity. How feminist of you.

Rob said...


8-80 eh. Age of no concern and a stab in the back.