Sexism, Corruption and Totalitarianism Was Defeated In America's Historic 2016 Election

Those who represented sexism, corruption and totalitarianism were beaten in America's shocking 2016 election.

Hillary Clinton was a candidate who represented sexism. As detailed in a recent post, she planned an administration based on sexism. Hillary intended to enact rules making false rape accusations easier thereby making the expulsion of male students from college easier. She also planned on marginalizing male workers and had no interesting in representing male citizens whatsoever. Her sexist polices mirrored that of many major news organizations such as the New York Times, CBSNews, YahooNews and others. This is one of the reasons why most large news outlets endorsed her.

The election also revealed widespread fraud and corruption within the American media. Major News organizations claim they are factual and objective. However, the 2016 election showed they were biased and corrupt. WikiLeaks emails revealed CNN colluded with the Hillary Clinton campaign in devising questions to ask rival candidate Donald Trump in an upcoming interview. CNN's intent was to undermine Trump's credibility and make Hillary appear thoughtful. Wikileaks also exposed similar collusion between the Hillary Campaign and the New York Times. Emails showed the newspaper crafted its articles, in coordination with the Hillary campaign so that they projected Hillary in a positive light while simultaneously emplacing any of Trumps errors.

Other American major news outlets were also fraudulent in their reporting. For example, after voting was completed YahooNews wrote a story claiming "Many liberal and moderate Americans" were protesting against Trump’s election. The article implied the vast majority of Americans wanted the voting results overturned. In fact, only violent left wing extremists were protesting. Most Americans accepted the democratic results just as they have always done in past referendums. However, after the 2016 voting results, far left wing totalitarians, began assaulting people and destroying property. The protestors oppose free speech and are intolerant of other opinions. An example of their violent and totalitarian mentality is here.

Additionally, other examples occurred in Indianapolis, where left wing crowds chanted 'kill the police' while in Portland left wing riots occurred causing a fair amount of property damage and in Washington, D.C these protesters held up a sign "RAPE MELANIA”. The sign was in reference to Melania Trump, the president elects wife.

Major news organizations such as NBC, CBS, New York Times and YahooNews covered up or minimized much of the violence perpetrated by the far left protesters. The reason for this cover up is that most American journalists represent the far left. They believe in the same violent, intolerant mentality as the left wing protesters. American journalists do not tolerate opposing views. They smear and misrepresent anyone or organization they disagree with.

As an example, in a TIME Magazine article, a reporter smeared mens rights activists as right wing extremists, claimed anyone not liking the female Ghostbusters was a right wing troll and asserted men questioning feminist media critic Anita Sarkeesian's philosophy are sexist. He used isolated incidents to smear anyone he disagrees with as a 'white male Nazi'. The reporter concluded the internet is being overrun by trolls.

In reality, this far left wing journalist was angry that internet bloggers were stating opinions that were not identical to his own. He wants to stamp out all views that do not mirror his own.

Here lies the true historical nature of the 2016 election. Nearly all of the mass media smeared Hillary Clinton's opponents. There was no objectivity whatsoever concerning campaign coverage. ABCNews, CBSNews, NBCNews, YahooNewss, New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and other outlets regularly produced articles smearing both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump as sexist, incompetent and extremists. Meanwhile, Hillary was portrayed as an sincere, insightful leader. Despite this lengthy propaganda campaign from large news networks, THEIR CANDIDATE LOST. The media was defeated by the internet. Bloggers and websites circumvented traditional news outlets and broke their monopoly on information. News organizations were exposed as corrupt while their journalists were unmasked as totalitarian. For the first time in American history, citizens effectively challenged media claims.

America's November election destroyed the last vestiges of media credibility and integrity. Journalists are no longer trusted. They are seen as spin doctors promoting their own intolerance.

Those who wanted a U.S. administration based on sexism and those who practiced corruption and intolerance were beaten in the 2016 presidential election

November 29, 2016

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