Destroying a Feminist Narrative

A common feminist narrative is that teenage boys want sex with any female. Therefore, when adult women date boys it should not be a crime. Boys are unharmed.  However, teenage girls are not interested in adult men. Therefore, whenever a teenage girl has sex with any adult male she is irrevocably harmed.

Yet a recent example destroys this feminist myth.

Canada's National Post reports that teacher’s aide, Mrs. Kathy Kitts, 46, admitted having a sexual relationship with a teenage boy. The high school student  was struggling with his class work and turned to the teacher's aide for help. At first his classwork improved. But after a year, things changed. The  teenager states "She wanted to see me at lunch and on spares, see me alone and away from others. I was too young and too trusting to realize what was going  to happen,”  “I had no choice but to agree. If I said no, she wouldn’t help me with homework and I would fail,” “I lost connections, lots of friends and my  family because I never wanted to hang out or get too close because they might figure out my secret,” He said by the 11th grade “She would stalk me all the  time.” “But I feel the need for someone to finally hear my story. I’m not running away any longer … I want this to be over someday. I hope I can crawl out of the  darkness and not pretend like I’m having fun, but to really feel it. To laugh and love without pain stabbing me in my heart. I want everyone to know that  this hurts boys just as much as girls.”  He concluded "My innocence was destroyed by Mrs. Kitts," 

Kathy Kitts was initially charged with sexual assault,  sexual exploitation and telecommunication with a person under 18. she pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation. The other charges were withdrawn by the  prosecution for unknown reasons. Kitts will undergo sexual-behavior and psychiatric assessments before determining her sentencing.

This case clearly shows that boys are not 'made into men' by dating adult women. Yet the feminized western judicial system still views teenage boys as  playthings for grown women. Adult females are treated as a pampered  aristocratic class and are rarely held responsible for their actions. A 2012 study titled Sex-Based Sentencing: Sentencing Discrepancies Between Male and Female Sex Offenders concluded "When all variables, sex, sentence length, and offense category, were considered, a significant difference was recognized in sentence length, and mean sentence length for men was longer, indicating a harsher penalty for the same or similar offense" Women were consistently given lighter sentences than men.

Additionally, the media is  sometimes part of this feminist culture. For example, a New York Times article from 2013 by Julia Hislop claims that "the percentage of female sex offenders who have a history of having been sexually abused tends be  about 75 percent". This questionable claim simply endorses the feminist idea that whenever a woman does something wrong its somebody else's fault.

The time has come to take grown women down off the pedestal and stop treating them as an aristocratic class that is above the law. Its time to stop making excuses  when grown women commit crimes. All adults should be accountable for their actions.

March 8, 2016

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