New York Cheating Wife Shoots Husband In Bed

A New York husband was shot in the head as he slept in bed on November 14, 2013. He survived the incident. Initially the husband,  Ken Dearden, thought an intruder had shot him. Now, a year after the incident, he believes his cheating wife shot him in an attempt to kill him and avoid a messy divorce.

Ken Dearden said his wife had been cheating since 2011. He claims her boyfriend was pressuring her to end her 18 year long marriage. Despite the affair, Ken Dearden and his wife, Emily Dearden, were still living together with their two daughters when the shooting occurred. Even after Emily filed for divorce in August 2014, the couple continued living together.

Ken Dearden said that on the night of the shooting he went looking for Emily to take him to the hospital and found her on the floor of the family room "claiming she had been hit on the head." The house alarm was turned off a few minutes earlier. At the time of the incident, the husband told Yonkers police that he thought he'd been attacked by an intruder. When police later returned to the couple's house to investigate, they found a pair of derringers (pocket pistols) owned by the couple and determined one of them had been fired. However, the bullet taken from Ken Dearden's head was too damaged for a ballistics match. 

Emily Dearden has now been charged with attempted murder. She denies the charges and is currently free on $150,000 bail. Emily has been suspended from her job as a New York Police Department psychologist and has since moved out of the couple's house. She has been ordered to stay away from her husband  and children. The couple's daughters are currently living with their father.

What is certain in this case is that Ken Dearden played the role of a fool. Despite his wife having a boyfriend, he foolishly stayed with her. A cheating wife is typically selfish and bound to do selfish things. By staying with her, a husband is asking for trouble. A wise man would let his backstabbing wife move in with her sleazeball boyfriend. Within in a year, they would probably be cheating on each other. Meanwhile, the husband would be free of his loser wife. He would be free of all her lies, manipulation and selfishness. She would now be someone else's problem. Some men, however, 
cannot handle reality. They cannot cope with the fact their marriage is a lie. Their wives make fools of them over and over again. As Ken Dearden discovered, failing to cope with reality can be hazardous to a man's well being.

January 1, 2015

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