Bloggers Should Not Link to Major Media Websites

It is strongly recommended that anti feminist and men’s rights bloggers not link to major media outlets when posting articles.  Outlets such as CBSNews, CNN, FOXNews, Reuters, BuzzFeed, ABCNews and the NYTimes do not allow any links within their comment section to anti feminist 
or  men’s rights websites. In fact, they rarely allow links to any websites. Additionally, some of these organization have even stopped accepting comments altogether.

Mainstream journalists want to control information. They want to take the public back to 1980 - an era where there was no internet and the media had a monopoly on information. Most news network articles are published with the intent of promoting a specific political agenda. Objectivity is rare. Many mainstream journalists openly oppose free speech. They view websites with alternative perspectives as a threat to their manipulation and control of society. Institutions such as CBSNews and BuzzFeed are notorious for banning accounts which question or oppose their political agenda. ABCNews appears to often ban comments which contradict their political agenda. Its ironic major news networks complain so much about freedom of the press yet have no problem stamping out alternative opinions.

All of the above mentioned news organizations have shown a distinct hostility toward men’s rights. Most will not publish any anti feminist viewpoints. Linking to their articles only gives major media organizations greater control over information on the internet.

When referencing a news article, the ideal solution is to state the title and date of the article. If a men’s rights blogger  or webpage owner absolutely needs to link to the news story, use the "Nofollow" attribute when linking. Bloggers outside the men's movement should also 
use these recommendations.

The era of media information monopoly is over. Don’t let them bring it back.

December 27, 2014


Jacee said...

Free speech is any opinion that agrees with the journalist's viewpoint. I wish someone with a camera would start confronting all these "journalists" and get their responses to their deceitful practices ON RECORD. Put it all on Youtube.

Rob said...

Every post they write pushes some political agenda. The journalists at the above mentioned news organizations dont even know how to be objective. They get outraged if someone expresses an opinion different than their own. They try to silence that 'different' opinion.