A Reason Why Marriage Is A Bad Deal For Men

A prime example illustrating how marriage is a bad deal for men recently appeared on the news website Slate (ranked by Alexa as one of the most popular sites in the word).

On the site's Advice section, a wife wrote that she had been married two years and recently became pregnant. Her husband wanted a paternity test simply to make sure the child was his. The wife, however, does not want to do a paternity test. She stated she has never given "him the slightest reason to doubt my fidelity" and "I’m at the point that I’m not sure I even want to save the marriage. What sort of dad is he going to be if his love and trust for me is so conditional? Part of me is strongly tempted to say “You’re right, this child is not yours,” and just raise it myself". Slate's feminist oriented advisor called the husband a "hostile, accusatory lunatic" and stated the wife should tell her husband she has "never been so shaken, and that he is making you question the foundation of your marriage".

Legalized paternity fraud is a major reason why men see marriage as a bad deal. In America, only 9 states have outlawed paternity fraud: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, Texas and Missouri. Each of these states allow husbands to submit - at any time - DNA evidence proving they are not the father. The court will then absolve the husband from any child support or parental responsibilities. Three states, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and Tennessee, allow the submission of DNA evidence only if the child is under the age of 5. Once the child reaches the age of 5, DNA testing is irrelevant. State law legally requires the husband to finance and raise his wife's boyfriend's child. The remaining states allow DNA testing only if the child is very young. Depending on the state, the child can be no older than a few years to only a few months old.

A husband can avoid every state's restrictions by obtaining DNA testing at birth. However, as emphasized by Slate, any husband requesting paternity testing will be harassed by his wife and called a "hostile, accusatory lunatic" by feminists. If DNA testing at birth were made state law this situation would be avoided. Husbands would have no need requesting testing since its required by law. However, opponents of such a law claim its insulting to innocent wives. Additionally, opponents state the government should not force couples into taking paternity testing.  Allowing DNA paternity testing at anytime during the child's life would avoid insulting innocent wives and forcing couples into taking paternity tests. However, opponents of such a law claim children will be harmed because they will no longer have a father. They say they are concerned for the child's welfare.

As can be seen, there is a stream of excuses for maintaining paternity fraud in the United States. In any given situation, a husband will be harassed and denied paternity testing. Its a poor deal for husbands.

Additionally, the excuses as to why these wives cheat are a farce. Feminist oriented outlets such as Women's Day, WebMD and ABCNews promote propaganda claiming wives cheat because their husbands are unsupportive. These outlets claim a wife's boyfriend provides understanding and emotional support.

If the boyfriend is so understanding then why are so many states forcing the 'unsupportive' husband into raising the 'understanding' boyfriend's child? Wouldn't an 'understanding' man be a better father than a 'unsupportive' man? The contradictory excuses for female marital infidelity and legalized paternity fraud  are simply ASTOUNDING.

Opposition to paternity fraud laws is not about the welfare of children. Rather, its about preserving the exploitation of husbands for the benefit of selfish fraudulent wives. The only people benefitting from paternity fraud are the backstabbing wife and her sleazeball boyfriend. The wife is able to fraud and exploit her husband without repercussions while the boyfriend is absolved from his parental responsibilities.

Since American law promotes the frauding of husbands, why should men get married? Marriage, for men, is a bad deal.

May 13, 2014


Anonymous said...

Insightful & revealing! About time!

Anonymous said...

Just when I think I've read the stupidest thing ever, another comes along that smashes through all records.


if your married for two years and your wife gets pregnant, if you have to ask for a paternity test, your an idiot. Your either an idiot for a staying married to a person you obviously don’t trust the least little bit, or your an idiot for telling a person you do trust that you don’t trust her. Take your pick. Or perhaps you need professional help to deal with the massive insecurity complex you obviously have.

“A husband can avoid every state’s restrictions by obtaining DNA testing at birth. However, as emphasized by Slate, any husband requesting paternity testing will be harassed by his wife and called a “hostile, accusatory lunatic” by feminists. If DNA testing at birth were made state law this situation would be avoided.”

The blog writer is an idiot. A first class idiot who misses the entire point of marriage. It’s a partnership where you share your life with the person you trust more then anyone else on the entire earth. Here’s a hint. If you can’t trust your wife to have YOUR baby, then you probably shouldn’t be putting your dick in her. And yes, any husband who asks for a paternity test without a shred of evidence of infidelity deserves to be called a “hostile accusatory lunatic”. Probably worse.
And it's not just feminists who are going to call the jerk names when accused of being a slut with not the slightest evidence of wrongdoing.

If you think asking your wife of two years for a paternity test is a good idea, then you probably shouldn’t get married. You probably shouldn’t have a girl friend. You probably shouldn't have a pet. And if your concerned about being liable in family court for the support of children, then you should stay celibate. Buy yourself one of those life size dolls that always look surprised. The ones made out of wipe and wash plastic for easy cleaning. Take the road less traveled and save up for one of those $10,000 dollar life like silicone women, just in case of that one in a thousand, or one in ten thousand chance that you might meet a woman who sleeps around on such a spectacular catch as yourself, then forces you to raise a cuckold’s child because your such a weasely insecure pansy that your too afraid to ask for a DNA test, because your afraid of the verbal backlash you so richly deserve.

You can also use your rubber girlfriend to drive in the high occupancy lane. Bonus.

BTW, nice sock puppet commenter there guy.

Rob said...

@Anon Sept 27
You could have simply said "Hi, Im a feminist. My sexist mind supports paternity fraud. Husbands should shut up and do as they are told." You would have said the same thing as your long winded comment and saved yourself a great deal of typing.
BTW, your sexist tirade pretty much proved my post. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I agree it's bad form to demand it. Just swab the babies mouth if you have doubts and send it off to a lab.

One wonders however, if this fellow does have some legitimate cause for doubt.

The Black Knight said...

To: Anonymous Coward on September 27, 2014 at 5:18 PM

Get off the welfare roll, you single mom garbage. Yes, you don't have a job otherwise you wouldn't have time to spew that stereotype-filled drivel.

Anonymous said...

Anon, eat a s--t sandwich and get AIDS... the only positive thing that you could possibly bring to this world. You should of been Plan B, cuntcake.

Anonymous said...

"Just when I think I've read the stupidest thing ever, another comes along that smashes through all records."

I was thinking the same thing when I read your stupid post.