Georgia Man Sued For Marriage Proposal Change Of Heart

Melissa Cooper sued Christopher Kelley for fraud and breach of promise to marry her after their 10-year relationship ended in 2011. The Coweta County Superior Court in Georgia awarded Ms. Cooper damages and attorneys’ fees worth $50,000, and now the Georgia Court of Appeals is affirming that ruling. The award is in addition to child support payments Cooper is already receiving from Kelley.

Melissa Cooper lived with Christopher Kelley for 10 years. They had one child and Cooper had another child from a previous relationship. In 2004, Kelley gave  Cooper a ring. She claimed the ring was part of a marriage proposal.  Christopher Kelley stated  "I never initiated the concept of marriage with her, outside of giving her that ring". "I never said the words 'will you marry me' to her."

The couples relationship ended after Ms. Cooper discovered that Kelley had cheated on her with two other women. Additionally,  Kelley wanted to end his relationship with Copper and start a new relationship with the 2nd other woman.  In court proceedings however, Ms. Cooper admitted there was a time she also had an affair with someone else.

 The Georgia Court of Appeals ruled saying "the promise to marry is enforceable and the fact that the couple lived together before and after the marriage proposal is  only collateral to the promise to marry". Cooper's attorney said Melissa plans to use the money to buy a home.

If Georgia allows men to be sued for fraud  because they change their mind about getting married (even when its unclear if they ever made a marriage proposal), then in the interest  of equality, Georgia should allow husbands to sue their ex wives for   paternity fraud. Currently,  this state does not allow such a lawsuit. According to the website Nationalparentsorganization.org, as well as several lawyers, Georgia does not allow suits against   a mother for paternity fraud. 

Yet, the very definition of fraud is when a wife cheats, gets pregnant, tells her husband to remain faithful and lies to him about his biological connection to the resulting child from her affair - year after year after year. 

Admittedly, Georgia is much more advanced than most states in regards to paternity fraud. It is one of the few states that allows men to cancel child support payments if they prove the child is   not theirs. However, permitting lawsuits against men who change their mind about marriage but forbidding lawsuits against fraudulent wives is blatant double standard. If men are financially liable for changing their minds about marriage then wives should ABSOLUTELY be financially liable for paternity fraud.

The time has come for states to begin dismantling feminist double standards within their judicial system.  Its time for the backstabbing fraudulent wife and her sleazeball boyfriend to legally be held responsible for their actions.

January 2, 2014

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