Wall Street Journal Advocates Eliminating Fraternities

The Wall Street Journal recently advocated eliminating college fraternities with its article titled "Shutter Fraternities for Young Women's Good".

The author, a feminist named Ms. Flanagan, claimed fraternities are dedicated to "providing [men] with a variety of he-man activities: drinking, drugging, ESPN watching and the sexual mistreatment of women."

If fraternities are such rape factories then why do girls constantly attend their house parties?. Also, if drinking is 'he-man' then why are sororities known for their drinking and partying. Additionally, according to a Psych Central article 'Dramatic Increase in Drinking Among Women College Students', binge drinking among female college students has risen by 40% in 25 years. A 2005 study published by the National Institute of Health concluded "membership in a fraternity or sorority is associated with considerably greater than average increases in heavy episodic drinking and annual marijuana use during college." Lastly, what’s wrong with watching ESPN?

The journalist then stated "A 2007 National Institute of Justice (NIS) study found that about one in five women are victims of sexual assault in college; almost all of those incidents go unreported."

If they were unreported then how did National Institute of Justice discover them? Additionally, I was unable to discover the 2007 study. However, the NIS did list a 2000 study titled "Extent and Nature of the Sexual Victimization of College Women" which stated "A survey of college women found that 2.8 percent of the sample had experienced either a completed rape (1.7 percent) or an attempted rape (1.1 percent)." Its hard to believe that sexual assaults against college women have risen to 20% in a mere 7 years.

The feminist author then claimed a fraternity prank by Delta Kappa Epsilon of Yale is another reason why these affiliations should be closed. She stated "a mob of pledges chanted 'No Means Yes! Yes Means Anal!' and other enlightening slogans. Can the mere presence of slur chanting fraternity men really create an environment that robs young women of equal opportunity to education? Yes, it can."

It is ironic a feminist claims fraternities deny women equal education opportunities when approximately 50% more women go to college than men. It is even more ironic considering the reason for this gender discrepancy is feminism.

A feminist group called the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) is responsible for the anti male culture throughout the American school system. Boys as young as 4 have been charged with sexual harassment and suspended. Think about that - a 4 year old boy! The NWLC demands all schools be financially liable for incidents deemed as sexual harassment. Since schools have no money to defend themselves against NWLC lawsuits, its easier to suspend little boys for any reason. Ultimately, boys learn to become detached from school and are less likely to advance into higher education. Another feminist group, the American Association of University Women has blocked every single attempted school reform designed to help increase boys performance & interest in school. They insist girls should remain the focus of education. This group also pressures corporations such as WalMart and Home Depot for donations to college grants which have the stipulation the student cannot be male.


Ms. Flanagan concluded "If you want to improve women's lives on campus, if you want to give them a fair shot at living and learning as freely as men, the first thing you could do is close down the fraternities."

Fraternities do not prevent women from obtaining an education. This is not to say all fraternity brothers are angels. Some are egotistical and arrogant. The same, however, can be said of sorority girls. One is not better than the other.

This Wall Street Journal article gives the average person insight into the feminist mindset. Their sexist philosphy of 'men ruin society' is clearly displayed.

April 26, 2011

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