Female Politicians and the University of Chicago

Female chauvinism (in other words feminism) has penetrated American Universities to such an extent that 'academic research" now being performed is nothing more than feminist propaganda.

Newsweek, a feminist mouthpiece, recently published a ridiculous University of Chicago study promoting sexism. According to the study, soon to be printed in American Journal of Political Science, female politicians are the most effective lawmakers in the USA. The study claims that between 1984 and 2004, women won their home districts an average of $49 million more per year than their male counterparts. It also stated Women sponsored more bills (an average of three more per Congress), cosponsored more bills (an average of 26 more per Congress), and attracted a greater number of cosponsors than - as Newsweek put it - their  it colleagues who use the other restroom.

 The University of Chicago also sited another academic study (from Ohio State)  that found bills  sponsored by women between 1981 and 2009, survived deeper into the legislative process, garnered more press attention, and were more likely to be deemed "important" overall.

In summary, because female politicians get more money and sponsor more bills this makes them better than men.

Obtaining more money has no bearing on the effectiveness of a politician. Saddam Hussein's hand picked lawmakers obtained a great deal of money. Were they good leaders???? WHAT MATTERS IS HOW EFFECTIVE A POLITICIAN'S POLICIES ARE IN MAKING THEIR REGION EFFICIENT. Women get more money because many male legislatures today are wusses who refuse to stand up to sexists like Sen. Barbara Boxer. Harry Reid is an example. Thus, when a feminist politician sponsors a bill (often only benefiting women) few have the guts to go against it.  This is also why - as Ohio State claims - it survives deeper into the legislative process.
A brief illustration is America's education policies. Boys academic advancement has fallen well behind that of girls. Despite this, Congress continues to advance policies which focus the American education system on girls. Boys are ignored - to the detriment of the country.

Lastly, University of Chicago's claim that press attention determines the importance of a bill is nonsense. Female sponsored bills obtain more media attention because the press is largely feminist dominated. An example is this Newsweek article. Why would a News magazine even bother printing this garbage - unless it was to promote feminism.

American universities have become bastions of narrow minded stupidity, often supported by a sexist press. Why didn't the University of Chicago study something intelligent like the possible number of planets with civilizations or how to make stronger metals? Instead, they study the alleged superiority of female politicians and claim it is "academic research".

January 27, 2011

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