Did New York Governor Cuomo Just Legalize Pink Privilege?

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that starting October 1,  businesses are prohibited from charging a so called  "pink tax," otherwise known as the practice of charging different prices for for men and women.  For example, women's hair cuts and razor blades must now cost the same as men's hair cuts and blades.

 The new measure requires certain service providers to provide price lists for standard services upon request and notifies them that gender-based price discrimination is prohibited under State law.  Governor Cuomo said:

"New York is leading the nation in advancing women's rights and this milestone marks the latest step in New York's journey to break down barriers and put women on an equal playing field,"  "By abolishing the pink tax, women and girls will no longer be subject to harmful and unfair price discrimination and any businesses who fail to put an end to this despicable practice will be held accountable."

Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul stated:

 "Women and girls continue to face inequalities in many aspects of their daily lives, and it is unacceptable that they have to pay more than men for similar goods and services. Eliminating the pink tax helps put an end to gender-based pricing, ensure financial success and break down barriers for women. We do not tolerate discriminatory actions in our state, and we will continue to fight to eliminate the gender wage gap and achieve full equality and justice for all New Yorkers."

Yet, there are already businesses that are violating the so-called 'gender-based pricing law'.  Mable's Smokehouse is advertising "Ladies Night" for October 7th. They list prices for ladies ONLY. 

Many bars, restaurants and auto shops advertise discounts days for women.  Any New York business doing this after October 1st could potentially be sued for sex discrimination using  this law. Additionally, if New York blocks the law suit or tries to legally  justify discrimination against men then the state is open for a class action sex discrimination lawsuit. 

It remains unclear if Cuomo was trying to eliminate gender double standards or extended pink privilege in New York. If he is really interested in ending discrimination then a similar law should be created for the state's judicial system.  Judges should be prohibited from issuing different sentencing terms for men and women who commit the same crime.

October 3, 2020

Utah Twitter Account Lists Names of Men Accused of Rape

Women are posting the names of men they claim are rapists on Twitter. They are using the  using the account #UtahRapists. The hashtag, collects tweets  and makes them searchable by name so that anyone can look up men. It appears similar to an an old website called Dont Date Him Girl It.com. That site publicly listed the names of cheating men until it was discovered that many of the women posting names were themselves cheats & frauds. The Dont Date Him Girl stopped publicly listing men's names after numerous threatened lawsuits.

The Twitter account #UtahRapists has no real way of proving the accuracy of the rape accusations against eh men in its list. Women could be falsely accusing someone of  rape without any evidence. Additionally, someone may have committed assault or harassment, but not rape, and still be labeled a rapist by the twitter account. There have already been a few men who claimed they were falsely accused of rape by the account.

Paul C. Burke, a Utah attorney who has been hired by some of the men claiming they are victims of false accusations by #UtahRapists stated: "No person should be branded with a scarlet letter ‘R’ by an anonymous Twitter mob". “There must be accountability for actual rapists, but it should come through our criminal justice system that begins with a presumption of innocence for the accused and operates under the principle of due process for all.”

The #UtahRapists Twitter accounts has admitted  taking some names off their lists, saying that they’ve since found evidence that the accused didn’t rape anyone.  But thats not good enough. The false rape accuser should be named so that other men can avoid her.

A new account should be created #UtahFalseRapeAccusers.  Legal action should also be taken against false rape accusers.

July 27, 2020